What Did you think about weed as a kid?

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  1. When you were a kid or anytime leading up to your first smoke, what did believe about weed?

    I believed it was awful and would kill me or give me cancer and I thought though I know I would try it once. Haha it's funny how misinformed we could get, right?

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  2. That it would kill me and that only losers smoked pot. Ha! They were chill, cool people

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  3. I always thought drugs were bad m'kay?

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  4. I knew it was a drug and i knew it wasnt bad. thats bout it till i discovered it in high school
  5. I thought it made you into a scumbag loser. Since the only people ik as a kid was my brother and his friends and let's just say they weren't the most ambitious group of kids, to put it very nicely.

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    I used to think it killed brain cells & is going to make you stupid,
    I didn't try it out til my friend let me when I was 13 after that I loved & couldnt believe that it was bad for you, so relieved when I found out all the propaganda I always used to believe was straight bullshit.

    Hard convincing my family which is very very Christian & even owns their own babtist church that it isn't bad for you and going to send you too hell if you smoke it. One of the main reasons I turned Buddhist.
    Couldn't be happier with my decision^_^
    Who Dat!
  7. I didn't know what marijuana was until I looked it up. I always knew it was a good thing.
  8. I loved weed as a kid. When I learned about drugs, at an early age, I decided that weed was for me. Never tried anything else and never wanted too
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    Drugs are bad mmmmkay. :laughing:
    I knew my stepdad smoked so i was ok with it as a kid.
  10. i thought weed was at the same level as like heroin or some shitt. until my older brother told me that the majority of our family enjoys the herb. so then i got curios and started doing a little bit of research, tried it, and haven't stopped since.

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  11. "Nahhh ill never smoke that shit"

    Pffft. Fuck that noise.
  12. replies from this topic just prove how we are warped from a young age to believe everything the media and government want us to think.. fucked up fuck this gay earth im moving somewhere else
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    At primary school they mainly avoided the taboo topic of drugs, but we all knew they were 'bad', 'dangerous' and 'illegal'.
    It was probably the 'illegal' part that drew me into trying it at high school. At our high school, not many students had respect for the teachers or the whole school-system. Hell, we were still kids, so we naturally wanted to rebel. It wasn't until college (when I was 17) that I realised the teachers were indoctrinating us with false information and warped beliefs. Since then I've been high as much as my budget allows.
  14. Even as a kid in health class, I was SO interested in the properties of cannabis. Shortly after I discovered a 40 plant op in my dad's basement, which I happily helped with, beginning to learn. It wasn't until 2 or 3 years later that I tried it.

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  15. Thought it made you a loser cos my dad smoked it all the time and acted like a prick... many things have changed since then, I've grew up, researched, changed my mind... My dad's still a prick though :laughing:
    that screams dependence.
    sort of proving those naysayers right, aren't you?
    there's a good reason we were indoctrinated as youth, and that would be self control. children don't have any.
  17. I thought only hippies and musician people with dreads smoke it.
  18. I wouldn't call it dependence. I choose to spend money and time on herb because I enjoy it and appreciate what it does for my mind as a whole. I have taken breaks that have been 6-8 months long before due to financial restrictions and been fine.
    I think the naysayers only perpetuate the problems we get when kids mix with drugs. If they were to educate from a neutral and unbiased standpoint then kids might grow up with a little respect and education of drugs rather than jumping in ignorantly and getting in trouble.
    the first piece i could substitute "herb" for "opiates" and the statement would remain true for me. i am 9 weeks sober and before that, 26 weeks. the fact of the matter is with ingestion of drugs, your brain chemistry is altered, in some cases, for good.
    i agree wholeheartedly with the second bit though. one of my younger cousins got into pills in middle school, before he even tried smoking cannabis. a common thought process is that, prescription drugs are safer than ________ because they're created by pharmacists and approved by the FDA.
  20. Thought it made you lazy and stupid. After being fed Propaganda for 17 years of my life and then trying it, I realized how much we have been lied to.

    You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher

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