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What did you smoke out of your first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NomOnUrMunchies, May 4, 2011.

  1. My first time smoking I used a water bottle bong with a home made ash catcher :D ............ What did you use?
  2. if you've seen due date
    [ame=]YouTube - Due Date - Airport Security Scene HD[/ame]

    that was my first peice as a freshman in highschool... but a few months before i actually started i smoked some dank in an empty apartment out of a dr pibb can lol
  3. A blunt. And after that the occasional Gatorade bottle bong. I actually kinda miss those.
  4. In high school... With two other dudes... In the back of an alley in a ghetto ass neighborhood one of them lived in... Out of a pipe that was a black penis. Imagine the jokes made after that one... Fuck.
  5. That's a pretty sick piece.....but for me I'm more of a bong type of guy.....even If i have to make one lol
  6. Sounds like you got some pretty big hits out of that.....zing!
  7. yeah so am I, i actually modified it into a portable hooka style bong once and ended up getting arrested for it so its gone forever.

    Now days im all grown up with glass bowls a glass chillum and a custom bong i dropped 300 on.
  8. Dammmmm son.......once I made a potato pipe with a carrot bowl.....the I ate the carrot.....not my best idea.
  9. A water bottle bong the friends nicknamed the tower. Triple perc. I still have it to this day, and used it this past weekend for fun. Hits just as smooth as a glass piece imo.
  10. Super intense TORO - whole bowl - dank.... needless to say, I was gone.
  11. While u were gone I nom nom'd on ur munchies.....hence my name :)

  12. Haha you wish!

    I was at my buddy's place, and he had no damn food in his house.
    So I made sure to buy a bag of cheetos beforehand...

    One of the most priceless moments of all time:

    My buddy (the one that owns the house) is always stereotypical high.
    Me, him and another friend (toro guy) were sitting around in chairs chilling.. I kept eating the bag of cheeots (it had a bottomless pit filled with cheetos!)

    and I was like "hey dude, want some cheetos?"

    he was completely still, and his eyes shut all the way, "ya ya"
    i hold the bag out and he reaches in blindly and takes a handful.

    I did this for about six more times with the same response "ya ya"

    Then I asked and he was like, "Nah, no" but he literally had his hand out in the bag while he was saying that.

    And he made an arm rest out of his right arm, that wasn't supported on anything... just lifting his arm up so he can rest his head on it...

    best night ever :)

    oh and i thought there were ants in my fingers... gone.
  13. I was 13 hanging with a group about 2yrs older than me give or take.. We were out by the lake bullshittin and Ricky whipped out a joint. Smoked on that between 4 people.. I didn't move for about an hour bc I was so blitzed. I ended up eating a shit ton of food outta his moms fridge. I went to get some tea outta the fridge a little later and instead of grabbing a glass I just took the pitcher back outside with me. Good times good times
  14. Just a regular glass spoon.
  15. Blunts...when just the roach was left I make a roachinator
  16. tinfoil onee first time ever, first time getting high was out of a sherlock
  17. water bottle bong... was amazing first high but now i use Real bongs xD
  18. This beast. Took me like 2 hrs to make. Ahah


  19. Being that i'm in the uk first time was smoking a spliff. Shortly afterwards we progressed onto more technologically advanced space age methods like bits of tin foil in pens and bottle bongs.

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