What did you really come by to talk about?

Discussion in 'General' started by Trueblade, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I been on forums for years.

    At first you kinda looking around, looking for people to talk with.

    Then find a good forum, and particpate.

    Then come back a bunch to check your replies, and see what's going on with the other people.

    And so on....

    But what do you come here for now? What is your list of reasons for checking GC routinely :)
  2. to help my e-relationships blossom into glorious flowers which will be pollenated by bees and give birth to even more glorious flowers until eventually i just have a whole fucking garden of glorious flowers and i don't even need grasscity anymore because i have my very own city of flowers
  3. That's cute...what kinda flowers?
  4. black death flowers.

  5. Those are cute.......how do they cause death?
  6. they eject spores into the air in cyclical chronology which other organisms then either absorb or inhale.. causing a slow onset of chronic illness and eventually death over time

    the flowers are glorious though so its win/lose
  7. Chronology has nothing to do with anything being ejected into the air, but I get ya.

    So it's like aids, but an ejected form?
  8. basically. and i just added cyclical chronology to make it sound sophisticated
  9. to pass the time and kill boredom.

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