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What did you know/think about Cannabis when you first did it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hardnutcheck, May 17, 2010.

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    I think this really is a big concern about Cannabis.

    Remember, Poll answers are about the first time you consumed cannabis.
  2. Lol I didn't vote. I knew it wasn't all true and I tried it to see what was up.,
  3. Bah! Should of made that another option.
  4. i didnt vote because i didnt know anything about it and my friends just said hit this so i did haha
  5. This was me as well. Did some of my own research prior...found out most of the DARE 'facts' were bullshit so I decided to see for myself what it could do.
  6. i think at the time i didn't care just wanted to get high. Good decision.... maybe a bit early tho.. smoking daily at 14-15 apparently could very probably do quite a bit of damage.
  7. when i started to smoke i didnt care just wanted to try it than i started to look into it afound that it was all lies
  8. When i first started smoking, about 5 years ago I didn't believe what Dare told me, because I had already known plenty of people who smoked the magic herb. However Dare did lead me to believe that weed would be a heavy psychedelic lol. however the high was unexpected but amazing. I should have probably researched more, but it was offered and I was curious.
  9. Pretty sure by like 7th or 8th grade I knew weed was basically harmless, but I couldn't get over the simple fact that it was illegal. Back in highschool, doing "bad" things made me feel like a total scumbag so I just didn't do anything I wasn't supposed to.

    But when I was 17 I decided to try drinking and later that same night I took my first hit of weed from a joint rolled with school notebook paper lol. It was pretty much at that time that I realized me and weed were meant to be together lol.
  10. Lol I actually won the D.A.R.E. contest, I got the stuffed lion in the DARE shirt and a medal lol. I wrote a beast fuckin essay :laughing:
    Then there was my bro who smoked a lot and directly influenced me to smoke weed lol
  11. I totally bought all the DARE propaganda bullshit for the longest time. Then somewhere around sophmore or junior year of high school I had a good friend who cheefed all the time who went against everything DARE preaches, and he offered to smoke me out one time, I figured, why the hell not. Turned out to be a great decision.

  12. I feel as though I'm that friend. The guy who gets everyone to smoke their first hit. They see that i managed to graduate top ten in my class, get into college, maintain a job, and be really high the whole time, so they say why the fuck not.:hello:
  13. I observed several pot parties before I tried it. I looked at the heavy users for serious problems. I didn't find any, so I tried cannabis.

    I did the same with speed and other drugs. Observed heavy users and made a decision.

    I just use cannabis, with an occasional alcoholic drink (once a month average). No tobacco, no speed, no downers. Just thyroid for prescription meds. I come from a family with alcoholism/pill problems.

    Granny :wave:
  14. Bump for answers.
  15. it's crazy actually cause when i started i thought it was really bad but i was in this: '' I so don't care'' phase so i smoked, then i discovered it wasn't so bad so i didn't stop (as i stopped ALL other drugs but that's another story i don't feel like explaining now) and then i became a real stoner.
  16. My mom smoked a lot and still does, so I already knew the facts.
  17. i didnt really know much of it except everyone in my family who smoked it kept it a secret when i was a kid till i called them out when i first tried it :D.
  18. I didn't know all of the facts, but I knew it wasn't as bad as elementary school made it out to be. I knew multiple people who smoked and it surprised me how popular it actually was. I've been wanting to smoke but I was kind of nervous about it because I thought I would freak out or something the first time.

    The first time I smoked I just took 2 tokes off of a spliff and I barely felt anything. I felt an active buzzing in my brain which felt nice, and I also got a minor case of the munchies which made me appreciate McDonalds much more. I was disappointed because I thought it'd do more.

    The 2nd time, I took 4 or 5 really fat hits off of a water bottle bong then shared a decent sized joint with 2 other people. I could barely walk for a couple minutes, then I realized I was extremely high. I bought a big bag of cheetos and ate it all in 5 minutes.

    I know, this isn't a thread to tell your first time stories, but it's nice to reminisce every now and then. :):smoke:
  19. None of those answers apply to me, I didn't believe the DARE bullshit but I also didn't know if it was damaging or not. I wasn't crazy about smoking but on the other hand a lot of my close friends did it and lived life just fine so I saw no harm and then started to love it once I did my research.
  20. I was a big product of the DARE program and I usually swallowed most of what i heard from that company. However, I got into college and there was just this one week where I was pretty pissed and said fuck it and smoked. Then I started looking into it myself and eventually wrote my research paper on it finally making me realize how everything they tell you is a total lie. Funny thing is that people take it as truth (me and many of my classmates included) and just don't know any better. My favorite line is that marijuana causes child abuse. Lol cause that's what I want to do when I smoke, go beat the crap out of little kids.

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