What did you know about marijuana before doing it the first time?

Discussion in 'General' started by LoveisKind, Nov 4, 2014.

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    Did you do research on it before trying and was a "mini scholar" or were you not that informed of the different things involved with it. I mean Indica vs. Sativa, the different methods of using, the different ways it can help people. Or did you learn this after you started using?
    For me, I learned a lot more about it and researched after I started using. I knew it wouldn't hurt me prior to smoking, and I really got interested in learning more about it.

    Thank you DARE. Now I know. 
  3. Oh no, not at all, I could teach a class on cannabis now compared to most of my friends and the people I know (as most people here probably could), but the first time I smoked I hadn't ever even heard of the terms "indica" and "sativa", I thought it was about as harmful as alcohol or a cigarette and I expected a completely different effect. (I didn't realize until like the 20th time I smoked that the weed was causing me to be hungry, I thought it was coincidental)
  4. I didn't learn shit about in in the DARE program. I just learned how "bad" it was.
  5. I knew that the hippies smoked it at Woodstock.
    I used to trip out on this poster when I was a kid.
  6. I knew that it made my parents and brother calm the fuck down. That people should never be thrown in jail because of it. And that it smelled like a skunk.

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  7. I knew it was an illegal drug that made you feel "funny".
    Had no clue what the plant was capable of, how unjust prohibition was, or that I would advocate legalization later in my life.
  8. I would fucking ace that shit
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    Hell ya. I just voted yes on prop 91 in oregon. Should find out tomorrow if it passed.

    Im feeling optimistic.

    To answer ops question. All I knew is what my other friends who had tried it had told me.

    When I was young I was super againts drugs, and the first drug I tried I was at a low point in my life, and was an un mentionable.

    After that I figured hell, I might as well try weed. I fell in love, and for the most part stayed away from other shit

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  11. Excellent! Spreading knowledge is power!
  12. Kudos for the fresh thread idea. :smoke:
    I didn't know much about it. Compared to a lot of you here, I still don't know much about it. I knew my Dad smoked it in hiding, I knew Mum wanted me to believe it was for dopes, and I went to Catholic School where the only thing more evil than drugs was sex. I was stoked when my buddy offered me my first smoke off of this awful excuse for a joint. Finally, this is what my music idols wrote about. This is what the cool, older kids do. This is sticking it to the man.
    The rest, as they say, is history.
  13. I knew it was illegal, would get me high, I had to smoke it, and I could get it at the creek that ran beside my HS.
  14. Junior year of high school was my first time and I didn't know a damn thing

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  15. First grow was when I was 30. I read everything I could get my hands on for 6 months before buying anything. I also took a mentor...a breeder from Iowa that was invaluable :)
  16. Basically nothing.  Its a drug, drugs are bad.  Kids would always be like " OMG I am so fucking high."  and "Holy shit man I am trippin."
    Always thought it would mess me up until I tried it. 
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    I still don't know a ton about it. I just know the basics really... Learn more and research, you will see how liberating it is for everyone for different reasons. When I was younger, I knew my parents smoked pot. I even saw an empty baggie one time and smelled it and that scent stuck with me. Though I literally started when I was 19 years old, 3 years ago. Knowing more about weed after I started is truly a blessing I believe because I know now that it has played a part to making people's lives better. That's how influential it is in a positive light.
  18. I knew it got you high. "Which is kinda like drunk, but different." I knew many family members smoked it. I knew it smelled good. I knew it was rolled into joints and blunts and could be smoked out of pipes.
    That's pretty much the extent of it. My old friend blew my twelve year old mind when he made a pipe out of a Mello Yello can. At least, I thought that blew my mind, until we actually used said can to smoke. And so it all began :smoking:
  19. I was hopping i would go crazy wen i first tried it
  20. I knew the only thing I needed to know: it would fuck me up good.

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