What did you guys get on Black Friday?

Discussion in 'General' started by Matticus, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Anything special? I camped out 29 hours in line to get this bad mamma jamma for $200. I was going to shop for some 99 cent blu rays Best Buy had as well but after the commotion I just wanted to get my TV and get the hell out of there.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d727lS6pEUE]Sharp 42" 1080p LCD 60Hz TV Review Model LC42SV49U (BEST BUY 2011 BLACK FRIDAY DOORBUSTER) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Whats your avatar?
  3. Nice buy man, but what the fucks up with you're avatar ahahah.
  4. His avatar is an overhead shot of three pigs. Two larger ones with a smaller one in the middle.
  5. I went to best buy and got madden 12 for $30, I had a $25 gift card so only need to pay $5=D
  6. i bought a slim xbox360+6 month membership+BF3+MW3+controller for only 250 dollars at best buy for me and my cuzzo to play in winter break comes lol
  7. i got high like NYC Diesel, then i ate panda express 3 entree plate

    followed by big blacks friday marathon of fantacy factory and rob and big
  8. wtf you skipped thanksgiving dinner with your family so you can camp out for 29 hours and save money for a TV?
  9. i got nothing but a fucking headache on black-friday.

  10. We weren't having a dinner at the time I left for Best Buy. Mom and Dad went to a family member's house and ate there and brought me a plate.

    We stopped doing big Thanksgiving dinners because it always started a fight.
  11. I went and bought a gram
  12. entertained....

    I got really high and went out just to laugh at people go fuckin craaaazy

    oh and i got a pretty sweet american eagle hoodie too, they weren't busy at all and it was like 1/2 off
  13. I saved thousands by not going shopping on black friday.
  14. I bought a Keurig coffee maker! UNREAL!
  15. nice i got a 21 inch monitor for 90 from bestbuy, i shoudla got that 42 incher for 200 tho

  16. was there some sort of black friday deal on that?? lol
  17. Lol yea there was y dealer smoked me up a blunt with out me having to throw anything in
  18. Next year I'm gonna get a big ass tv. Didn't have any cash this time around

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