What did you do when sneaking out as a kid

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  1. So i saw a thread about stupid shit we did as kids and it prompted me to make this one. When you guys snuck out of the house as a preteen or young teen what would you do.

    Me and my friends would all sleepover at my house and sneak out the basement window once 1 am hit. Wed run around the neiguborhood lighting fireworks and dingdong ditching. Eventually this evolved into being neighborhood theives. Id pitch a tent on my backyard and wed all spends the night in it. Then wed sneak out and go stealing. Wed try and open cardoors wed take chromies and also the eagles off the top of lampposts. The most i ever got was 60 bux a bag or frisbee golf discs and a xm radio.
  2. used to carhop lol.

    and mostly went out to fuck with people.

    now that im grown, karma has more then once came back to haunt meh
  3. rode my bike around n such found other groups of kids and chased girls lol
  4. hung with the guys in the neighborhood, acted like a couple of goons for a while there
  5. i remember i used to always sneak out to go to house parties that always just ended up getting raided. i kept going because i loved adrenaline rush you get when you hear someone yell cops!
  6. I usually snuck out because all my friends were older than me and had cars etc. so I did the cliche thing and snuck out to go to parties, got brought home by the cops a couple times. Eventually led to me going to military school lol.
  7. I had a spare key to my moms car so my freshman year of HS i would joy ride her car about 3 times a week. I often went a picked friends up and went to partys. Haha i would also use her car to go deliver bud to people. I would go do that or go smoke. Haha idk how i got away with it cause i would smoke black and milds in her car and she doesn't even smoke lol
  8. Snuck out and joy rode in my old friend's mom's car.
  9. A few times I hopped out my bedroom window and hopped on my bike and rode 2 miles to this girls house to hook up at like 2AM. Pretty sketchy, cuz I was 16 at the time, and cops tend to probe the area I was meeting her at because it was a college area.

  10. Bet you woulda liked it if a cop probed you:ey:
  11. [quote name='"Americandutchyz"']

    Bet you woulda liked it if a cop probed you:ey:[/quote]

    :ey: I admit to nothing!
  12. My room is on the first floor of the house and really low to the ground so it was never a problem sneaking out. I live in the country about a mile out of town and i'd just ride my bike there and go chill with a bunch of people at this chicks house then ride home at like 4 in the morning lol. I did that pretty much every summer night when i was 15-16.
  13. man i've never snuck out of my house

    fuck, i feel left out
  14. ^ same dude
  15. Yea same here. Back in 8th grade we had these 2 girls sneak outta their house so we could smoke n drink with em.
  16. I never had to sneak out lol.
  17. When I was 14 we used to sneak out and walk around the neighborhood or to the elementary school at 3 am, usually with shitty alcohol. It was pretty lame now that I think about it. I'm an 18 year old senior now and I still sneak out some week nights just to go smoke with my friends or occasionally a party. A few times I've actually left my house at 11pm and took a 2 hour drive with friends to the beach, getting home at 7 am. I'm surprised I've never been caught lol
  18. I sold the subject of this site
  19. Did you guys go to sleep at like 10 oclock or something? People keep saying they snuck out and went to parties. Couldn't you have just been at the party at like 9PM instead of sneaking out at like 1AM? Makes more sense to me to go to the party at normal hours than to sneak out late as fuck when people are starting to leave

  20. Man I don't know what the parties you go to are like but the parties I go to get jumpin at 1 am. :p

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