What did you do to celebrate your 18th bday?

Discussion in 'General' started by TwiztidToker24, May 14, 2011.

  1. Just looking back I didn't even buy anything for myself. If I could do it all over again I would have bought a really nice bong haha. What you guys do to celebrate being old enough to legally walk into a head shop or gas station and buy stuff?
  2. Legal cigarettes and overpriced lab dances at the nasty ghetto strip club
  3. Had sushi with my friends. Secretly rented a hotel room with by boyfriend, but couldn't stay all night because I still lived with my parents and they would've killed me. It was a decent birthday for 18.
  4. This minus the cigarettes and the lap dances were cheap as fuuuu.

    Give a hoe 7 dollas and shes all over you at our strip clubs
  5. Went out and got an industrial piercing then had some fun in a bounce house that I took from work for the night to celebrate.
  6. I probably should've found a way to get my first arrest as an adult.

    I mean,I got it eventually... I should've had a head start though.
  7. bought myself my first piece, a nice bubbler xD
  8. bought samurai armor and a cigar
  9. Got an ounce from amsterdam and blazed with my buddys, we chilled out and watched films.
  10. I don't remember... I guess that could be a good thing, or I just didn't do anything... not sure, but it's probably the latter.
  11. I really only remember getting wasted, then going to a strip club ;)
  12. that was probably the worst birthday i ever had.

    my boyfriend dumped me, so i drove around aimlessly, crying. then i decided to buy a pack of cigarettes and chain smoke all 20 by myself. it made me sick.

    then my best friend forced me to go over to her house, where she had made me a special sugar-free cake, because i was trying to loose weight. it was really gross. but her effort kinda cheered me up.
  13. 600$ in graduation money
    200$ various drugs
    300$ at the head shop
    100$ on a prostitute.

    no i saved the 100 for gas lmao
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    mine was about the same day as my HS grad party, so my parents threw a huge party..family n shit during the day and friends and beer at night(keg supplied by parents ;)). shit was fucking epic....ahhhh the good ol'days(5yrs ago)!!
  15. I chilled with Lucy.
  16. Damn that was a long time ago, but from what I can remember I probably just went to work. I believe that was the year I stopped getting presents and stuff. I did get a cheesecake like I do every year though. Mmmmm...blueberry.
  17. I feel as if Charlie Sheen would spend more on prostitutes than $100 in one sitting.
  18. got my first tattoo....still feelin it today
  19. I got some money from my mom, some happy birthdays, then I got drunk alone and watched TV.

    Not that eventful really. I remember going to a strip club in the following days. Cool at first, then I realized its just a waste of money to have girls dance naked and pretend like they like you.
  20. Went to a rave about 45 mins away from my house. It was a hotel rave with 4 rooms, one being a pool room. I had purchased a suite for the weekend...spent tons of money on drugs.. Basically had the greatest night of my life.

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