What did you do this weekend?

Discussion in 'General' started by StonedOutBeavis, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Alright Kings and Queens of Grasscity heres how this thread goes, you like peoples posts if you would love to have been there. Ill kick it off

    So Friday I started off with a blunt, then 2 joints sitting in a treehouse mellowing out and then cruised 2 blunts and picked up some alcohol. After we polished out the booze we smoked another blunt. Saturday I woke up to a hash brownie and a joint laying on my table. Can we say wake and bake:smoke: Later on Saturday we smoked 2 more blunts. Today, Sunday, we went to a party and smoked a few bowls of some Afghani shit, then had some more alcohol.
  2. I've spent the entire week living like a successful musician.
    Parents are away so I'm pretending I own their sweet crib. lol
    Ahhhh weed, feeding my imagination since April 2000.:smoke:
  3. I didn't do Shit besides work. On Friday i smoked a roach bowl and that's it. Haha i know don't get jelus wishing you went as hard as me
  4. i spent my weekend drinking beer and rum in my grandma's basement while spending all day on the computer and call of duty and also a lot of jacking off

    sad part? ...its true
  5. I had a pretty chill weekend. Helped a mate move and went to a house party. I did get all my booze and weed free for my assistance though.
  6. Chill axed all weekend got high and wrote some sick lyrics..

    And played gears 3 occasionally and the other 20% of my time was spent dating at my plants :)
  7. dislocated my shoulder playing basketball yesterday. Today depressed toked up a few times, watched college basketball, toked up some more and ate.
  8. Nothing, like always.
  9. drunk high spent 400$ got more high more drunk got head at a club went to sleep had some tacos got more drunk and more high sore neck and shoulder and thats it.
  10. mannn... its monday, I have to go to work in an hour.. I don't want to talk about it.

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