What did you do on your 18th birthday?

Discussion in 'General' started by ReeferAllDay, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I've been 18 for almost a year and my birthday was pretty crazy. I bought a half ounce about a week before and saved it. Then i skipped school and went down to the local smoke shop. I bought this nice 1.5 foot glass bong. Then i went to my friends house for the day and smoked the whole half ounce.
    What did you guys do on your 18th?
  2. i remember puking my brains out when i played 8 games of beer pongs and taking 3 shots of E&J for my 18th birthday
  3. I bought cigarettes. Not because I smoked cigs, but because I could.
  4. Crazy Russian mate brought Absinth. Enough said

  5. Why saying he is crazy? Saying that he russian is enough :D
  6. Smoked 2 blunts
  7. Just smoked a lot

    I don't really have any friends
    So it was pretty boring
  8. Went to a pub for the first time :laughing:

  9. At 18? Oh man thats bit too late, first time I had beer in pub when I was like 16.
  10. did absolutely nothing as usual. i never have parties on my birthday
  11. Got high with my friends and watched Anderson Silva knockout yushin okami.

  12. Nah i mean like bought it myself and stuff. First time in a pub was with my dad at 16

  13. dude is a freakin beast (silva)
  14. I have no idea what I did for my 18th birthday... xanax is a hell of a drug

  15. watch out your comments bro . . . . . . .

  16. Good lookin out, and not to sound conceited, but this place would be nothing without me...
  17. pretty much, I want chael to win the rematch cause were both from Gresham, but I doubt it well happen.
  18. I found out that my entire life was built on lies, hypocrisy, and misconceptions.
  19. I don't even remember what happened on my 18th birthday, not even my 19th birthday haha I got so high/drunk it wasn't even funny.

  20. is such a thing even possible?

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