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What did you do for Community Service?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by My Fax, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. So we all do something that's illegal, I'm sure some/most of us have gotten caught for it. I'm pretty sure it's mandatory to have to do some sort of community service as a sentence.

    First time I got caught with alcohol, I helped this one guy renovate a recreational center for a Church. I had to scrape the tiles off this old bathroom floor, that kind of sucked, but after that it was just sweeping.

    With weed I did it at the ARC. It's like a salvation army kind of store, people donate things and the store sells them. I worked in the back hanging and organizing children's clothes, when I was in the front, all they told me to do was "look busy". So I just went through the racks sorting through the clothes, acting like I was doing something.

    At the time both seemed hard, but looking back, that was some easy community service.

    What about you guys, what have you done for your community service?
  2. dude, i actually had to do yardwork at the green house for the local college for my community service.
    haha, and on my last day my supervisior asked me to roll him a joint.
    :mad: but i was still getting tested so i couldn't smoke it with him.
  3. i have cleaned bathrooms at the probation center in my city i also cleaned every seat in the hockey center (2000 +) another time we sorted clothes for the salvation army (very common and also very easy job) and someone had to mention cleaning on the sides of roads , we all have made fun of those guys while driving by smoking a blunt but i WAS one of those people so they always get my respect!!!!
  4. Well, although i have never been arrested. We have a mandatory 48 hour community service you have to in order to graduate at our High School. So far Iv done a little reffing for little league football, we had a community service day for school which i helped special kids play basketball,

    now i currently coach a 7 and 8 year old soccer team with a friend of mine.
  5. i had 50 hours of comm service, did mine at a recycling and waste center, yea tell me that doesnt suck.
  6. I've never had to do community service but I have vollunteered at the local animal shelter and the vet's office, my friend was doing highway pickup and found not on, not two, but three glass pipes.. only one was broken.. still has all of em.
  7. I skipped a bunch of school (stupid move, in retrospect) and got a bunch of community service to graduate, I got in total.. like 140 hours about. I've been working at Petsmart as a volunteer with an animal rescue.. I get to chill with dogs and cats all day and one of my bosses smokes and we talk about weed and Sublime and all that fun stuff, ha.
  8. I cleaned up trash on the side of some of the main roads around here. I caught my case in my hometown so I knew a lot of people in the area. I dont usually wear hats, but I sure as hell wore one with sunglasses every time I did it. I did 4 or 5 days, I dont remember.
  9. Man fucck community service.....

    1st time in HS i had to do it for a graduation requirement.....luckily i played football and our coach was in charge of keeping the hours so we worked the youth football games for about 2 hours and got credit for 30

    then i got in some trouble with underage alcohol and had to work 10 hours at a nursing home, luckily all I had to do was wheel senior citizens to and from the little built in church at the nursing home and just chill with they were in the mass, so it wasnt bad

    the most recent one was from MJ possesion, i got probation and 20 hours of comm service to do.....but I moved away from where the I got arrested at, and where I moved they couldnt allow anyone from outside the county to do community service for a criminal I call my PO and he said just make a donation to a charity instead, so I didnt have to do that either lol

    I been gettin lucky, I'm done with dealin with cops for good now
  10. 48 hours working in the summer heat, in South Carolina in a land-fill. Talk about some fucking nasty smells.

    All that for one beer while underage.
  11. community service is fucking easy. I just did it at an elemntary school helping the janitor out. He turned out to be a pretty chill guy and I had fun.

    Cal-Trans fucking sucked. I live in california and it's a program where felons work on the side of freeways picking up trash cutting weeds, digging out ditches, etc..
    You have to work hard too or they send you home and you lose your whole day.
    The worst was digging out this ditch from rocks and mud, and we also had to clear out a half mile of hills in dana point. It was pretty cool though, met a lot of interesting people and seen some of the funniest shit to date.

    I had 120 days of that for commercial burglary and assault, but they gave me a year to complete it. << young and dumb mistake.
  12. I have done a bunch of stuff for habbitat for humanity. There is also this place called mission wolf in southern colorado that I have done a few hundred hours at. They take wolfs that people have tried to keep as pets and then do there best to give them natural surroundings. They dont know how to hunt though so you have to feed them. The people there are the best though.
  13. man i cant believe this,,, at the a.r.c.? i got 100 hrs. to do and thats where i plan on doing them,,, there and the firestation,,,, maybe ill get some new clothes out of the deal......
  14. Hm... 10 hours, but it was for stealing some shit... It was funny as hell, because it was my best friend and I who did it, so we fabricated this brilliant lie and got away with petty theft when it should've been 2nd Degree Burglary.

    Anyhow, I had to clean about 3000 smelt (Stinky little fish) for a Smelt fry put on by a local Fire Dept. It was some nasty shit, I had to cut them down the stomach and hold them up to this rotating brush that scrapes all the guts out, but only to throw them into your face. I was fucking coated in guts after that and I had to shampoo like 5 times to get the shit out of my hair. WORST THING I'VE EVER DONE.

    However, that only covered half of it, so I did the rest at a school mowing. I waswith my best friend again, so we just rode around trying to ride wheelies and hit jumps.
  15. i had 50 hrs community service.....and i sold trees for a local fire dept.....i love telling people i sold trees for community service tho....haha
  16. my po let me pick where to do community service (50 hours), so i thought if i went to my church they'd give me something easy and id get it over with quick . . . wrong

    they gave me a weed wacker and had me cut down 10 ft weeds that had thorns on them. Some were so thick instead of having the string attachment on the end of the weed wacker they had me put a blade attachment on and go to town. Worst summer of my life. And you know what i learned . . . fuck charity.
  17. well this thread has reminded me of a funny story... some people may really hate this but I always get a chuckle.

    We had to do a big community service project in senior year, so me and my buddy thought we'd put our smarts to use by collecting old computers and giving them to uh, underprivileged kids from our school. After only a couple days we were left with a massive pile of ancient computer parts, and quickly realized that it would take one crazy bastard to dig through all that shit and get them working. We ended up tossing it all in the trash, and just wrote our essays as if we had done everything. Somehow nobody realized that this whole "computer giveaway event" never actually took place. As I recall, a bunch of students didn't write their essays properly and were required to re-submit them. Me and my friend were the only ones to get an A, on the first try.

    as far as our evidence... I guess the couple pictures of some old sound cards and mobo's convinced them.

  18. thats fuckin great man. :hello:
  19. nice dude!

    seriously if there's anything i've learned from working on's that people don't understand it will believe almost anything, it's great.

    I've given several speeches on minor PC repair, etc in college, it works great. you could totally make up shit, and 90% of the time, no one would know. lol. I don't, i speak da troof! but yeah, you could...

    edit: oh, never done community service, i have to pay my lawyer a decent penny, but he's had every infraction of mine dropped :) Texas' elected judges is a GREAT idea :) ....think about it. lol. other times i have been driving while license suspended, etc, etc.

    Caught drunk, underage, open container on me and a friend. only got a fine, made me pour them out, and then had to walk home. that was my "white lighter" night. the first time i EVER had a white lighter in my posession.
  20. 125 hrs, did some at a v.f.w, american legion, a church, and a monkey farm.

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