What did you and how much did you smoke in 4/20?

Discussion in 'General' started by .AcidTrip., Aug 1, 2008.

  1. me and 6 of my friends smoked and xxl at 4:20pm then waited for a friend to come back from lebanon he cam at 11pm with an ounce of white widow (it was my first time and last time i smoke green :'(

    we finished the ounce in like 2 hours plus 2 of our friends left so it was the four of us killin the bag in 2 hours we got so fucked i pissed my self laughing and threw up, my friend oh yeah we had shrooms 2 anyways my friend thought he was a plane and started running around the field my bro was just out of it he couldnt talk and the dude who got the ounce was crying towrads the end of the night he was in his personal trip hahah

  2. i know i smoked a quarter ounce of my own weed,

    and all i really have to remember what i did was a handful of disposable camera pictures. . and a raging hangover.

    but i know that we had a two keg bbq, the details are just fuzzy
  3. me an my boy got an ounce of jucyfruit and just smoked blunts and bong rips
  4. What the....why don't we have a 'What did you get for Christmas thread?' pfft lol

    I remember bud was kind of scarce around that time and so I only had like 2 grams. Smoked my brains out and then went on a tolerance break for a week or two.
  5. Over here it's 20/4 so it's not celebrated.

    Waaaaaa...! :cry: I want a 4/20holiday :cry:
  6. Do you ever get a 4:20 PM or do you get 16:20 (like military time)
  7. lol, no only military time over here too...no mj time references allowed anywhere! :cry: :( :D

    I want a 4/20 ! :(:(
  8. I didn't smoke much.

    Only a few hits from a pipe and then about an hour later a bong.

    But that day I didn't have much of a good time 'cause I was with my best friend and some chick I had just met who was being a bitch and my best friend was so high she didn't realize she was ignoring me.

    So I didn't have a very good 4/20.

    Hope to next year though.
  9. went to hippy hill and smoked HELLA bomb. some purple, some kush, some purple kush, some romulan, lots of nameless greens and some hash. I was so fucking stoned OMG then we went to get some pizza and all the stores were sold out! but this burrito blace was open so that was cool. OMG i fell in love with burrito. it was so good i couldn't eat it fast enough.

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