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What did I get ? Is this even weed ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mottsclamato, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Hi I ordered this online and it was supposed to be sour diesel weed but when I opened the letter I got this . Is it hash and what do I do with it , I never used hash before and is it dangerous ?


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    looks like some tasty handmadepressed hash
    purity could be questionable though
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  4. Looks like road tar to me.
    Send it to me immediately and I'll check it out.
  5. If its impure can it hurt me ?
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  6. I say that you grab life by the bhajis and smoke the whole thing right now, life is too short for what ifs
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  7. That looks like real pure hash, with no fillers in
    I would try but i ve never done hash . I dont even know how to smoke it
  9. defiantly hash
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  10. Since you probably don't have any of the tools for smoking hash, go on to google and search "hash bottle tokes." It'll show you how to smoke it without any attachments to your bong. You can also use it inside of a joint

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  11. Who buys hash through the mail ? These DEA agents are just getting sloppier and sloppier with their fake ass posts. They probably think of doing these things when they are good and drunk.
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    damn dude
    how new to the internet are you
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  13. I doubt hash is their top priority when it comes to things being shipped through the mail.

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  14. Pull a tiny piece off and light it, it shouldn't spit and cackle also it should stay alight, if it don't burn good it's probably mixed with sumut,
    I've seen stuff with coffee and diesel in,

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
  15. You can put it on top of a bowl.
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    You'd be surprised at what things people buy through the mail. But anyways, to the OP, that looks like some Afghani Hash that I got a while back, just tear a piece off and top it on a bowl or you can smoke it by itself.
  17. that looks like hash so what you want to do is put a small amount on top of a green bowl then just barley bring your lighter to it don't let the flame touch you just want to let the hash melt and what ever you do don't get the stuff on you or anything after its melted a bit cus it will not come off and itll be hot as fuuuk
  18. gettin stuff via mail is not a huge problem especially if you don't go through customs then they generally don't even open the package im personally more worried about giving my address out or using anything i have bought via mail
  19. just grind a bit of hash off the bar and roll it in a joint with tobacco
  20. Looks like bubble hash...shits great. Put it on a bowl of bud...heat until it bubbles and toke away

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