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What did I experience? A headrush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HCS8B, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I started smoking about a year ago but never really did it more than a few times a month at most. Most recently, I started to get back into it since I've had a little bit more spare time.

    So I have a session with my buddy before we go into a restaurant. We smoked a blunt of what I believe is some type of indica. Anyhow, I get pretty damn high. Keep in consideration that my tolerance level is pretty low, although not lightweight low.

    It was pretty obvious that we were baked. Which I enjoyed. But about 15 minutes after we were done smoking, I get a sudden rush. My body gets a little numb (tingling sensation). I almost instantly got lightheaded and wanted to out for a breath but didn't want to embarrass myself since my coordination seemed to go out the window as soon as this rush hit.

    So, did I experience a 'headrush'? If not, is this relatively common? I've had a serious panic attack before, and although this wasn't anything like it, it almost seemed like a precursor to a panic attack. Luckily, it stopped there and felt a bit better about 15 minutes afterward.
  2. You felt high.
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    I've been high many times. In fact I was high all weekend. But that small episode was a completely different experience. Not a good one, nor a really bad one. But one I probably wouldn't like to have again.

    I'm assuming it was caused due to the fact that we smoked a pretty big blunt all by ourselves. But I was still curious if that's what most people consider a headrush. For a few seconds I thought I was going to black out. LOL
  4. I'm assuming its because you didn't get enough oxygen from facing that blunt n it messed with you abit. It's happened to me before after smoking like 3 joints, I got the feeling I had to pass out, so I just sat down, took deep consistent breaths for a few minutes and it was all good.
  5. Yeah you had some minor oxygen deprivation and were really high. Basically you fought off passing out like most normal people do.

    good job
  6. Thanks for the advise! Any tips on how to completely AVOID that?
  7. its not a lack of oxygen. When you mix weed and tobacco it fucks up your blood circulation. Don't smoke blunts anymore. Paper planes
  8. I know what exactly the OP is talking about, I feel that IMMEDIATELY after taking a HUGE bong rip that ends my session. You feel so lightheaded you want to just fall to the ground, and I have once or twice, but usually can fight it off, and enjoy the rest of your high. :smoke:
  9. drink chocolate milk
  10. Ahh really? I love blunts! :(

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