What did i do wrong?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Swine, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. Ok, i decided i wanted to grow some weed from some seeds in my dimebag. So i put them in a wet paper towel for a few days, one germinated. Woo! So i got a styro cup, poked a bunch of holes in it put in my soil (i got it from a plant in my house. i cant go out and buy soil, my car privs were taken away). I left it by my window and never let the soil get dry. Its 2 weeks later, nothing, ive even tried digging in my soil and it didnt even grow any. What did i do wrong?
  2. Hey,I know when you grow,your very anxious and want quick results,well that aint gonna happen fellas,when germanating(sticking the seed in a wet paper towel),make sure the seed is a dark grey,or near black.After you put the seed in the towel,it will take awhile for the "root" or whatever you wanna call the white thing, to grow to the right size,when it gets to be about the length of your pinky fingers nail,plant it.Useing soil from a previous plant can be a bad idea.The previous plant(depending on how long it has been in the soil),may have used some of the key "ingredients" in the soil.The plant may have removed nitrogen and other essentials for growing,use fresh soil.Keep the soil moist,not soaking wet.Another suggestion,when the plant starts to grow above the soil,set that fucking thing infront of a light all day,every day,try and use a flourescent light because they use less heat and have a less chance of frying your plant.And as a final suggestion,if it doesnt work the first time,try try again,my old man busted me the first 2 times(HE'S SUCH A ASS!)
  3. I loose seedlings all the time.. esp if you overwater, the roots get attacked by fungus.

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