what did i do wrong?

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    I wanted to start my first grow the other day. Not for profit, just for personal use. I usually only smoke dank but i didnt have a way to get seeds so i bought a 20 sac of high mids and managed to find 2 seeds in it. I put the seeds in a glass of water, and let them sit. I checked them every day but they never "popped". On the 3rd day, i just decided to try my luck and plant them. I put potting soil with perlite in 2 solo cups and planted the seeds about a 1/4 inch deep, point up. I also watered them. Its been 3 days and nothings happened. I want to grow these outdoors, what should i do next time? I want to grow this season.... thanks!

    And what should i do next time?
  2. Dude... You probably drowned them before they could come out of the seed. Your supposed to put it in water until it sinks and then switch to a paper towel until you get a taproot or just plant it after they sink. They wont do anything if you just leave it submerged in water.
  3. Id said you had them too long in the water drowning them like SupaaBaked mentions, now what you can do about it?

    You can either try another method (You'll need new seeds), or try again but this time not drowning it/them :p I would keep it 24 hours in a glass as maximum if it was me but I normally just throw the seed directly into the soil, puts it somewhere warm and keeps the top moist all the time and then they sprout after 5-6 days.

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