What did i do wrong?

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  1. Moved up to college station, tx and drove around for hours last night just asking random people "where's the bud/weed at" and the general answer was "nah I wish". I thought finding green in college would be easy.....

  2. Look for people with long hair and a slightly more unwashed appearance ;)

  3. Uh...

  4. you weren't wild enough while hunting bud
  5. body language
  6. It's cause us pot smokers are "smarter" than to smell to a cop (pig) ......
  7. Your first problem is you go to a&m, bunch of inbred hicks.
  8. Cannot be driving around asking out the open they might think your 5/0 go to the library and scout out what you would interpret as a stoner or hit up the frat houses they are full of drug's!
  9. make some friends man. your not gonna find that magical awesome dank dealer driving around asking strangers lol.
  10. Ask a cop. I'm sure they can help you out. :rolleyes:
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    Cuz you're a sketchball. Just because you smoke pot doesn't give you a justification to be stupid. 1: You're asking to get robbed because somebody knows you have money and can take advantage of you. Can't go to police getting robbed over pot. Or also somebody suspiscous of you thinking you're going to rob them!

    2: Even if they did or do, most people aren't going to sell to here comes Derp Mcdumbfuck. Because thats asking to get them in trouble. Both with their boys or themselves because most of the time kids get switches or deals. Cops try to follow it to the source. Get a commendation.

    3: Most people who are johnny on the spot with his pecker in his hand only nickel and dime, there is no money in that, weighing the risks and rewards. Not a sound decision. Besides 9 times out of 10 those who do will rip you the hell off.

    4: You're a sketchball.

    Network, network, network. It helps you absolutely everywhere in life and will get you better deals and rates.

    Took me a little while to get mine going, but that is because I look immensely like a cop. So time and effort will yield the green. Patience and diligence.

    And not trying to be mean, just some corrective criticism here that will actually help you.
  12. I would imagine when a new guy comes into college and everyone knows theres a new guy and he just starts asking everyone for weed without even trying to like establish some kind of a friendship then everyones answer is going to be a little to the no side

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