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What did everyone get for xmas?

Discussion in 'General' started by Guest, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Anybody celebrate early? What's your plans for tonight/tomorrow?
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    I was just going to make a thread like this lol.

    I celebrated early at my mom's today and did presents with her and my step siblings. My mom, aunt, and grandma spoiled the shit outta me, I got a heavy duty craftsman toolbox, a nice power drill, and a concert ticket from my grandma, among other small things.
    I got a $200 visa gift card from my aunt.
    And my mom gave me $400 cash, a water filtering pitcher, various small things for my new house, and 1 metric fuckton of candy.
    Oh and last Saturday I got a ticket to a rave on new years eve from my girlfriend's sister.

    Going to my dad's tomorrow for my 3rd christmas dinner haha

    What'd you get? :smoke:
  3. Coal, you jelous?
  4. Nothign yet, still going on the old tradition of getting woken up by my little brother at 630 to open gifts.
  5. You lucky bastard.. I got 20 bucks and a couple cool shirts. My aunt got me this sweet as fuck double disco ball,trippy.. Just a few little things but it's good because I'm about to finish off a gram of some dank so the night should go by smooth :p
  6. Yuuuup hahahaha
  7. new beats and some money! I bought myself a new fancy grinder with some of dat money, it works amazingly :)
  8. Hahaha I remember being little and not being able to sleep on xmas eve so I would get up at like 4 am and ask my mom if we could do presents yet, and she would make me wait til at least 6. Man those 2 hours were looong.
  9. Longest few hours of my fucking life haha, just sitting in the dark, on the floor, staring at the tree haha
  10. So far I'm positive I'm getting these two things


    This shirt


    This poster
    The rest I won't know until tomorrow
  11. Fuckin dope poster, i'm jelly :p
  12. Yeah I was so happy when my little sis spilled the beans:D I loved the Watchmen
  13. [quote name='"3XL"']Coal, you jelous?[/quote]

    Hey 3XL whatsup, i havnt seen you in a while,

  14. Did you know it's costs like 20 dollars to make those and they sell them for 300 dollars? Crazy shit.

    And nothing yet. But I know I'm getting candy and a Walmart gift card that I will then use on a Walmart Visa card, from my dad. My mom is getting my nothing which I am totally cool with. I didn't even want anything anymore and I tell people that. And yet they still get me gifts :rolleyes: people are awesome. My female friend got me a chia cat grass plant so that was funny :p
  15. I know I'm getting a muzzle loader from my grand parents.
  16. I know I'm getting a new tv for my room because I was home when it was delivered lmao
    Hopefully a new acoustic guitar, maybe some shirts idk
    Not much I really need, other than cash to pay off my life of debt I have ahead of me. fucking fuck
  17. I got a big fat fuck you to my face
  18. Haha yeah man I would get up at 3 and just shake my presents till 6. I don't blame my little brother for being annoying but it still is very annoying lmao

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