What defines you ?

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  1. I played a significant role in the movie "Vegas Vacation". In which i acquired the infamous alias of "Nick Papageorgio".

    Oh, my corrective lenses? I do not require them.

  2. well you said you would never snitch on someone, but you would snitch on him if he killed somebody.
  3. my huuur, and my ability to mac daddy and wreck shit in black ops :D
  4. My many scars tell a story, and my thoughts,actions and past make me the man I am today.

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    For a 64 year old man that's more than likely a death sentence. At least it would be with me.
    We weren't talking about murder but a key of something not legal.

    well you said you would never snitch on someone, but you would snitch on him if he killed somebody.

    HeartLndToker said they'd never snitch on someone.

    As for me it would depend on the degree of the crime, what I consider offensive & taking the extenuating circumstances into account.

    Whether or not I would participate in justice. Legal justice of personal justice.
    But I would never say never.

  7. My uncanny ability to light everyone's face up like a christmas tree when they see me. Also that I joke about my own fuck ups in life, so therefore no one can insult me and get to me. I insult myself. And most people are inept to do so.
  8. I'm not sayin that I approve of what he was doing but danm man , I don't know it's just like he's so old and he swore that was the last of the last . I just know I'd never snitch and no not gona lie not even on a murdere . Just something I could never bring my self to do.
  9. My career, and my family.
  10. The dictionary probably has a definition for "you".

    My taste in music, my sense of humor, me in general.
  11. Heart. Mind. Spirit.

    Sense of humor? I tell the truth and don't mince words to spare feelings.
    I guess my independence defines me the most. Independence from society. Independence from expectations. Independence from conformity.
  12. Reaminds me of the " I don't give a fuck " attitude , and as much as I try to achieve it for some reason I just have to give one . Gues I'm to connected ;) but in all seriousness , respect man
  13. Bump. Come on guys , what seperates you from everyone else , or what situations made you value a trait or characteristic that effects your life ?

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