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What defines you ?

Discussion in 'General' started by HeartLndToker, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. For me it's my loyalty , devotion to family , love of the hurb ;) , procrastination and my ability to get shit done when it has to be done .
    So blades What characteristics , moments , scars , happenings or anything not mentioned makes you , you ?
  2. My fat rolls lol
  3. I have flat feet lol
  4. my big cock and tiny balls
  5. so do i :l
    you lied to me..
  6. uhhmm.. i meant big balls and tiny cock..

    offer still stands
  7. Wikipedia, I'm famous somewhere in the world so there is a wikipedia page about me that pretty much defines who I am
  8. I have big glasses
  9. Im 4' 3" tall with size 19 feet
  10. Anyone say big dick yet?
  11. I have flat feet too lol

    My brother said it was "not very sexy"
  12. Things I do and the words i say

    which are all pretty awesome so im like super awesome by default
  13. A situation that helped shape me into we'll me I guess is when my aunt snitched on my grandmps for having a kilo of unmentionable and now a 64 year old man is doing 7 of a 10 year prison sentence , never will I ever betray family or snitch on some one . Death before dishonor .
  14. I'm a ginger every one calls my ging
  15. My sense of humor. My brain. My loyalty to friends. Love of all things nature. My frees spirit.
  16. She did good

    She cuda let that bs go out on the streets and kill/mess up the lives of a bunch of people

    Meh snitches help the world a lot
  17. You speaking from personal experience? That's not my idea of helping but let it be known that I'm glad we aren't kin.
  18. What defines me as a human? I would have to say my blue collar upbringing.
    That is until I met a woman with 2 daughters, 25 years ago & everything changed.
    So did I and for the better.
    Good thread.:D

  19. unmentionable could be anything and a kilo sounds suspect af

    you would never snitch on someone? what if they murdered somebody? because i would not hesitate to snitch pon my grandma if she murdered someone.
  20. For a 64 year old man that's more than likely a death sentence. At least it would be with me.
    We weren't talking about murder but a key of something not legal.

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