What deficiency is this

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  1. Only my second bubbleponics grow so still getting use to it .Just turned to 12/12 .using canna 50/50 veg/bloom ,25ml/25ml ,rhiz 10ml ,cannazym 50ml ,boost 50ml ,pk 13/14 10ml and 25ml of cal mag .ec is 1700 ish for chang over then will go to 100 bloom .happend to me be for and almost lost the plant but brought it back and now its starting again 20180517_172514.jpg 20180517_172455.jpg

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  2. And some calcium
  3. Flush 3 times the pot volume with air temp/ ph'ed water

    allow to drain overnight or dim light 8 hours

    to continue in the morning

    no nutes for 2-3 weeks

    good luck
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  4. can i ask why no nutes for 2 of 3 weeks ? thanks
  5. so your babe gets to consume the nutes built up inside of her

    a $10.00 ph tool from amazon or $5.00 ph pool strips from ur 711

    and measure the water in and water out ph

    tho I'm no fan of using Ph as a crutch ..

    it don't make you a better gardener

    good luck

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