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  1. Ro water feeding 700 ppm. 7 ml/gal a and b. 5ml /gal cal mag. Temps have been high. Got up to 87 today. Plants have stretched up to the light. Out of 5 plants I have one that has no deficiencies. Really weird. Week 4 of flower. I feed a gal a day in #10s.

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  2. You should use a pH tester to check out its value in the soil and the water you feed. This will enable you to identify which nutrient is probably missing in your plant. To me, it looks like your plant will need more Nitrogen.
  3. Yeah my ppms are around 600 coming out of the pot.
  4. What's the pH going in and coming out?
  5. I'm starting to wonder if these yellowing plants with brown spots are symptoms of TOO MUCH calmag...I'm having the same problem along with many other people and everyone says add calmag to straighten it out. I'm at 5ml/gallon and problem still there.

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  6. Sometimes water on leaves can leave a brown spot, the yellowing looks like nitrogen defficency, maybe a lock out from over feet, not up on my coco so not to sure.

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  7. Those brown spots are pretty common when growing in coco...I never get water on the leaves I make sure of it but still get those brown spots.

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  8. 5.8 going in 6.0 out
  9. I think you may be on to something. Read this Deficiency and excess of magnesium in cannabis plants - Alchimia blog. My top foliage looks like the pics.
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  10. Yeah, i'm going to flush tonight with drip clean because i think im locked out.
  11. Advanced sensi a and b for coco. You?
  12. Canna

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  13. Let me know how the flush works for ya I may try the same..

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  14. Do you have instagram?
  15. Nah no social media for this guy at all lol I'm one of the few humans alive that don't even have a Facebook account..how are the plants doing?

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  16. Nah no social media for this guy at all lol I'm one of the few humans alive that don't even have a Facebook account..how are the plants doing?

    First grow
  17. Lol, I feel it buddy. I haven't had facebook since 2011. I recently got into Instagram to meet other growers and to post my pics of my grow.

    Out of five plants, two are perfect and getting frosty as hell! I flushed the crap out of the 3 yellowing plants because no matter the type of feeding i gave them, low or high, they didn't react. This tells me they're not drinking and there must have been some kind of lock out in my coco.

    I think the lock out may be contributed to my use of General Hydroponics 3 part during veg. I've heard from a lot of people say that it's very salty and should be flushed periodically or at least right before bloom.


    When i flipped to 12/12, i switched to Advanced Sensi's 2 part. I wonder if my switch may have caused some kind of issue. This is a good learning experience for me though and i think after i finish the last of my flushing tonight, they'll bounce back once i give them a regular feeding again. I flushed them down to 300 ppms. Going to try and get them a little lower before i feed them again. I don't really have anyone to coach me so its all trial and error. I'll keep you updated.
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  18. I hear ya on the trial and error I've made several mistakes this time but those are mistakes I won't make next time. I think I've been overfeeding and messing with the plants too much..since I switched to hps for flower a few days ago they've been exploding though and new growth doesn't seem to have any problems. Hopefully stays that way /uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170814/5fe0437c55c251acb7e96af214b7d0c1.jpg[/IMG]

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