What deficiency is this?

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  1. Ok so I've been shown the chart that helps pick. I think it looks like N or iron. I went with iron because I'm only 2 weeks in flower and they got grow big last week still.
    It's mainly on middle leaves so I put it down to being seeded but there not yellow like the ones I pull of at the very bottom. I'm a little more worried because the top two plants look lighter green. The bottom left hardly any signs whatsoever. All on the same feed. I added cal mag in there water for the first time 3 days ago.
    The stems have always been slightly purple but notice on some expecially ones looking this colour are extra purple. Also in the ones I picked off, when I tried to use my nail to pinch them the stem was to tough and I couldn't. I had to use the pruners. The ones at the bottom that yellow due to no light normally just fall of when I brush them.
    I'm asking here because I would like some expert tell me exactly what it is if possible. 12 weeks in not a problem so far, really do t want it to go start slipping up now.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. I see magnesium and low nitrogen levels in the older larger fan leaves.
    what's the runoff ph and ec level ?


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  3. Phos and mag deficiencies. Possibly a little potassium. Those purple petioles are screaming phosphorus. Petioles should remain green until the fade.
  4. I only have ph meter. I haven't tested runoff for At least 6 weeks. I use ph down and when it's between 6.3-6.7 I use it.
    But you've just got me thinking. When I water with nutes I have a 6 ltr watering pot so I ph down and and nutes two different times. My plants get 3 lets each time and I water the top two separate from the bottom two. So it could quite possibly be that.

    I looked today and they look like there good until tommorow for a watering. And it's ment to be just plain water. Last Sunday they got grow big and big bloom. Thursday I added cal mag. What do you suggest I water today/tommorow? And just water? Should I give her another last dose of grow big? Today is day 15 flower. I can test ph runoff when I water. I've also watered a few times without leaving the water out, could this have anything to do with it? Thanks
  5. Is phos covered with cal mag? Should I/could I get something extra for for it? Thanks
  6. if they are in coco coir never flush with plain water as that messes up the cation ratio. flush with 1.0 ec or 1/4 strength nutes until the run off is 5.8....even if that means 7.0 going In...what ever it has to be going in to compensate the level it's coming into contact with in the rootzone. .I bet when you check your runoff with the water you've been giving it, it's too low. in soil you can get away with flushing with plain water Because the soil will still retain some nutrients in it. NOT with coco if you douse it with plain water it washes away almost ALL the food which isn't what you want...you want to lower the cation ratio but have it STOP at 25% essentially correcting what may have been in excess or deficiency..THEN once you see it catch up begin bumping up the feeding until you get to regular strength . always checking the runoff which at this point is way more important than the ph going in.. good luck.


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  7. You lost me now...worms...lol. I think ghost will have to help from here. I just watch mine grow.
  8. I'm in soil/perlite, a light mix. 9/12 week veg, day 15 flower.
    Out of 3 waterings I go, nutes-water-water. The last time I tested runoff it was 5.9 I think. Since I put the scrog up i just let it evaporate from the trays(pots are raised above the trays).
    I'll water tommorow and test run off And then come back. You think I should add cal mag again tommorow or just plain water, does it affect the run off?
    And sorry dude this my first run not sure what ec is. Can only test ph.
  9. soil ph starts at 6.5 and goes to 7.2 your low at 5.9 5.9 is for coco and hydro..you can sprinkle some dolomite lime on the top of the soil and begin feeding higher water ..but you still need to test the soils ph with a test kit made for that.


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  10. ec is electrical conductivity a way to measure the nutrients levels.

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  11. I thought I read that soil ph is somewhere in the middle of what goes in and what comes out? Also from gwe.com it says soil is between 6 and 7 with ideal ranges between 6.3 and 6.7 for nute uptake.

    I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm very new and very grateful for your help. I'm just saying this is what I've been going off.

    I'll look for some of that dolomite in the hydro shop. But should I add cal mag agiain?? And what ph would you say I shuld make it?

    Ah,, ppms? I've hered them mentioned a lot but not read up yet. After I got my first done I switch over.
  12. go with what you read then my friend...time will tell you how that works out for ya..good luck GFP

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  13. image.jpeg

    I've been doing so much researching today.
    I think possible to be n because maybe Ive not upped the dosages,, but not likely. Phos and mag most likely, but will hopefully be rectified with added cal mag and the start of flower nutes (tiger bloom). Also reading up on sulfer is a maybe.

    So what I'm gonna do is give em n-p-k and cal mag tommororow. I veged for 9&1/2 weeks and tommorow will be day 16 flower. So tommorow where it says weeks 5/6/7 I'll give half that so 5ml grow and tiger and 7.5 big bloom. Thoughts?

    But I'm eager to test run off as it is most likely the cause. I haven't tested for so long and yes it was just below last time I tried. I'll test tommorow. I'll put in ph7 and test what comes out. Thoughts?

    Also what if I water the 3lts I normally give her and the ph comes out lower than I want. Should I then make a new batch, higher the ph and put another 3 ltrs through?


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