What deficiency is this ?

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  1. This plant is about 2 weeks and why are my tips curling and turning color? Does it mean i gotta start adding nutes, other than that the plant is fine and im using fox farm ocean forest with vermaculite amd perlite with a little bit of happy frog

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  2. They are right^^^

    But the tip of that leaf looks like the start of cal/mag def.

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  3. Cool ill add some cal/mag

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  4. Whats it when three agree? :confused_2:

    Tritto? :confused:

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  5. don't add anything simply because of a single blemish.  your new growth looks perfectly fine
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  6. It really doesnt....

    It doesnt look like calcium or magnesium deficiency. Theres no intraveinal chlorisis as would happen with magnesium def and one rust spot is hardly enough to call it a calcium def imho.

    But if you decide to feed it anyways ill meet you in a couple days in sick plants :smoke:

    If it was me, id move her up in that pot and fill the rest with soil.
    ~ poke
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  7. I wouldn't do anything unless it gets worse
  8. Dude I said you were right... Chill. Beginning of rust spots is what I see, not enough to do anything about but they are still there. Just answering the dudes question AND agreeing with you, but if you need to make me look like an ass to make yourself feel better, go ahead and twist around like that.

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  9. Wow brother. Im sorry :(

    Was never my ntention to make you look like an ass :confused_2:

    I apologize if i came across that way.

    ~ poke
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    Bot rust spot more like spash burn from a droplet of nute water sitting on the tip of the leaf
    Or the soils a little strong for the strain but as most have said nothing there to worry about.

    Also whats the temps im looking at the photo bit tired but look lime ever so slight tacco?? Might be wrong tho

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  11. That was an emotional day for me, sorry.

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