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What deficiency is this?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dogno, Sep 5, 2013.

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    i thought it was a nitrogen deficiency, so i tried to give her more and more nutrients(biobizz fish mix), but that doesnt fix it.
    my soil is biobizz all mix. my ph was around 6.5 the last time i checked, i will check again but thats probably not the cause because the soil has fixed ph.
    what can it be? i would hate to lose these plants..
    P050913_07.15.jpg P050913_07.15_01.jpg P050913_07.16.jpg P050913_07.16_01.jpg P050913_07.16_02.jpg P050913_07.17.jpg P050913_07.17_01.jpg P050913_07.18.jpg

  2. The soil has fixed Ph....?
    No the soil does not have a fixed Ph, as I have been advising many an 'expert' and Noob alike here on GC, trying to measure the Ph of soil is like pissing in the wind, you're gonna get wet, and get erronous readings every time....google that!!!
    Meantime treat your situation as is....standard nute burn, too much food, and blocking up the rootlets with the wrong chems
    Flush with 3x times the volume of the pot with Ph neutral air temperate water, allow to recover in dim light or over night, then resume under lights, no food for 2 weeks or until you see a positive recovery.
    Consider foilar feeding once recovered
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    Eeey brother do what the guy above me said to do but in case you are still wondering you are most likely working with a...
    Manganese Deficiency:  (Mn) Leaves may become yellow in between the veins, with mottled brown spots on the affected leaves. These brown dead patches may spread and eventually kill the leaf. Leaves may also shred and fall apart. Overall growth of the marijuana plant may be stunted.
    Solution: As an extra precaution, give half the amount of nutrient feeding that you would routinely administer to your plants. Mn deficiency is caused by low amounts of Iron (Fe) Zinc (Zn). A low fluxuation of Iron and Zinc can be caused by a many different things, for example, slight overdoses of Calcium which has a low mobility, can trigger iron deficiencies. Iron chelates are soluble and aid in keeping iron in solution available for uptake.
    ***Overwatering can also lock-up iron intake, just so you know.***
    Anyways..give it a shot bro and let me know how it goes
    keep ElEvated :hippie: :smoke:

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  4. Your simply not giving your girls what they need... feed'em. Plants are light in color, they need b nitrogen and Mn in chelated form as wallywally said. Your issue is fixable, ferts!

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