What deficiency is this? Or what else even is it?

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  1. Shes about 5 weeks old. The strain is borderliner xtrm, feminized seed. Just topped her about 3-4 days ago.

    ***Pictures Below***

    Shes in a small hydroponic system until my other plant is done flowering.

    The nutrients im using are the ones that came with the “Aero Garden Liquid Plant Food for seed startin, vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting” [Just now noticing it is made by miracle gro OH NO!]

    But im wondering what problem im having with my plant and the best way to fix it.

    Thanks a bunch in advance!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Looks like a possible phosphorus deficiency. My only suggestion is not to be using the nutrients that come with that Aero Garden for growing weed. Buy nutrients specifically for weed. Good luck.
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  3. Do you regularly check the solution's pH and EC/ppm? You need these tools to grow hydro. Also suggest adding an ice pack/bottle each day to cool it down, but I don't think that's the problem, I think you have an pH or EC problem. You change the solution each 7-10days? Are you using beneficial bacteria to protect the roots? And lastly, do you have some calmag (or alternative) solution that you can add?
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  4. I havent been changing it the solution but i will now and replace the miracle gro sh*t with some better hydro nutrients i use for my soil plants.

    Ive never grown hydro or really looked into it

    And Im going to be transplanting the whole plant to soil in a couple weeks.

    I dont know what EC/ppm is or how to check. And im going to check the pH as well

    I dont have beneficial bacteria to protect the roots, what is it?

    Lastly i have some epsom salt ill be adding along with the nutrients.

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  5. it may very well get root shock by then (even now!)
    EC, or electroconductivity, is a measure of the salt in the water. It is a way to estimate the parts per million (ppm) of a solution. It allows you to gauge the amount of fertilizer is in the water. Reverse Osmosis water (highly filtered) has an EC near 0. Hard water (like mine) due to the sediments and minerals in the water has an EC of 440. This is approximately 220 ppm. You can measure EC (or ppm, but I recommend EC) in a similar fashion as you would with a pH pen, simply dip the pen into the water and hold for ~1min (until the reading stabilizes) and mark the reading. EC is monitored over the course of the grow to ensure that the plant the plant receives an appropriate amount of fertilizers. A typical nutrient with an EC of 1500 would be monitored on a daily basis. If the EC was dropping (to say 1400) it would indicate the plant is absorbing the nutrients (and water) at a beneficial rate. If the EC was climbing (EC 2000) it would indicate that the plant is absorbing more water than nutrients and that the solution is becoming too concentrate for the plant (thus you would dilute with water). A pen can be purchased for ~$20 on amazon. It is stored in water.
    I would recommend some beneficial microbes that will help protect the root system from pathogens (fungi, bacteria) which can kill your plants fast and ruin your crops and dreams. What is it? its microbes. Some is bacteria and some is fungi, but it encourages the root system to thrive... leading to great products. I know that research shows Mammoth P is beneficial for cannabis, in hydro though idk. I use RootShield, but its only available by the pound and is expensive. Most others use Hydroguard, others use Voodoo Juice (or similar).
    be very careful adding epsom. You need like only a few grains per gallon of solution. Just a pinch/dash little bit.

    Monitor the EC and check the pH. Keep the pH at ~ 5.9. If its not 5.7-6.2, you need to bring it back to where it should be using pH UP and pH DOWN.

    good luck with it.
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  6. Great info!!! Thanks for the help

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