What deficiancy is this?

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  1. Im in the 9th day of flowering my two headed bitch but ive noticed she has some yellow spots on the lower leafs.

    Last week i gave her the first dose of flowering nutrients. I water twice a week and im planning on feeding every second watering.

    Im using Schultz bloom builder 5-30-5. If you want to know more about my grow click the journal link in my signature.

    Whats wrong with my plant?

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  2. If I had to guess...

    Nitrolock. Yellowing and burning on the tips, chlorosis progressing inward from the outer tip.

    Flush with H2O and add Humic acid to your arsenal.

    Though with a 5-30-5 fert...maybe it's a phosphorous lock. Shultz tends to be pretty strong stuff. Often it's very heavily concentrated.

  3. Theres one thing that leads me to believe its not the schultz though.. this plant and my male plant that i threw out yesterday used to have this exact deficiancy when they were young. The male plant had it in the first 3 weeks while this one was looking strong, then the male looked better and this one developed it. Although i havent seen the problem come back until now.

    Do you think shes going to get used to the nutrients later on and look more healthy again? Or is it nesessary to flush it at this point?

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