What defeciency does this leaf look like?

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  1. Hello my friends,

    what is wrong with leafs below:

    I havent given them nitrogen in like 14 days (since they are flowering).

  2. Could it be light burn?

    sun is really strong here at this time of year
  3. Looks like it is potassium to me.
  4. "Potassium deficiency symptoms are chlorosis or dieback beginning at the leaf tip and moving toward the base along the outer edges"

    Mind Your P's and K's
  5. so i should give her P-K fertilizer?
  6. Probably just need a bit more K judging by those three leaves.
    Are you organic? what kind of soil?
  7. Uhh,you still have yo give plants nitrogen even in flowering, they still need all nutes available, it's just you start giving a higher PK ratio in flowering.. honestly it is nitrogen defiency or over/under watering
  8. This is correct info but it's not the case with his, if you look closely that's the leaf edges curled up, which means nitrogen def
  9. yeah, but nitrogen def does not show with curled leafs.. nitrogen def. makes lower leafs yellow
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  10. Come on guys, no way of telling from pictures of discarded leaves.......

    Take a picture of the plant. Get back to us.

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