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  1. Hey guys, i'm in the last week of flower, growing in organic soil, cut nutes on the 17th of this month, i was feeding 1ml bio grow and 3ml bio bloom from biobizz, organic ferts, i have been feeding with molasses with each watering. Could this be a pot def or calcium def? Reason why i believe it could be calcium is the last run off ph was at 6.0, which is almost outside calciums uptake ph, any idea's please check photo's below, thanks guys.

    As you can see the tips are burned to a crisp, and the yellowing.. i'm loosing leaves at a normal rate for so far into flowering, could this just simply be my plant using up the lasts bits of nutes from the leaves?

    Also need to mention, i'm not going to
    Flush, just cut nutes and carrying on feeding with black strap mollasses with every watering till i harvest later this week

    Also note il be chopping probably by friday, pistols are almost between 50-70% brown, just waiting for the trichomes to turn milky..


    To see plant size, fairly small.


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  2. Are you going by the breeder's schedule? I wouldn't.
  3. Just on my own from what i have been observing, i think the pistils will be at their 50-70% mark by end of the week, how ever i dont know how long it will take for the tricombies to go milky as they still look to be fairly clear. Note this is my first grow, and i need to get magnify glass

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