What Cures your munchies?

Discussion in 'General' started by hypnogreen, Feb 13, 2009.

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    This is quite possibly the best snack you’ll ever make.
    It all started when I dropped my cookie in the milk. I was really high and I just let it soak too long. I had make a whole tube of cookie mix. So I got a new glass and stuffed a bunch of warm melty coolies in it. I didn’t pack them too tight but it was a gooey mess in there then I filled the glass the glass with a good amount of milk. Enough the cookies were nice and soggy. Directly following this step grab your self a spoon and enjoy.


  2. I don't have any cookies. DAMN YOU.
  3. Throw some cookies or brownies in the oven, minutes before you pull out the baked goods, prepare yourself a bowl of icecream and frozen mug of cold milk. Then pull out the cookies/brownies and scoop (they will be soft and mushie) it onto the bowl of ice cream. To eat, make sure you have hot cookie and cold ice cream to overwhelm your tastebuds, then wash it down with cold milk. Almost nothing I eat can top this treat.
  4. lol. such a stoner snack.

    i like perogies with mustard, plain cheese sandwhiches with mustard and relish and frozen waffles toasted with butter, jam and nutella on them.
  5. oh jesus i'm hungry now

    i hardly ever do this, but in case anyone wants a tip, really minty gum or brushing your teeth will make your munchies go away

    but wow those cookies look good
  6. i dont eat processed foods but organic chunky peanut butter will send those munchies packin'
  7. [​IMG]
    just like momma used to make
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    Not sure if you'll be back to view this but i was wondering Qed you're from NYC im from Longisland. Do you like mustard on your Mcdonalds hamburgers? b/c I dont and they do upstate. I was wondering where the mustard boarder in NY is drawn.

    My high has got the best of mee im really curious now, im maing a thread. Im about to break out a map and chart the national mustard boarders.

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