what could this be ???

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  1. my tallest baby ( 12 in ) has a hole in 1 of its leaves n some sort of bruise lookin things or something . n the 2nd smallest 1 ( 9 in ) has a lot of wrinkles on the leaves !! they r 6 weeks indoors n i have been feeding mad farmer or superthrive since transplant ( last night )


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  2. Thick wrinkles is.... the plant telling you that you are over watering her, see those thick veins ...ease off
    slight yellowing on fan leaves is nute burn about to hit, reduce food by 75% for the next 2 weeks or until you see an improvement
    and flush by pouring air temp. Ph corrected water thru the pot to 3 times the current volume of the plant, allow to recover in dim light 1x day.
    For bugs Neem Oil is the best spray 1x time per month as a regular or twice if you have bugs, tho not so close to harvest ...as Neem is an acquired taste
  3. i have only fed them 1 time since transplant 2 nights ago ( not counting that i moistened the soil before transplant ) ohh alright i will ease off because i use full strength recommended on bottle . what kind of bugs could i be able to get indoors ?? would the dont - bug - me by fox farm help at all ? that is the only pesticide i have
  4. Yea just flush them. You aren't supposed to be using full strength so early in the grow.
    Idk what don't bug me is or if it works. But i can tell you that neem oil is all natural and it does work. Its also inexpensive. 
  5. ohhh alright so when would be a good time to give them full strength nutes ? they are only gonna stay inside for 1 or 2 more days max then outside they go . in los angeles outside is 13/11 rite now
  6. Well each plant can take a different level of nutes. What nutes are you using? With foxfarm i started with 1 teaspoon. 
    Just start with a teaspoon. If there is no nute burn after a week add another teaspoon. And keep doing that until you eventually get to full strength. If the plant nute burns then flush it out and go down a teaspoon on nutes.
  7. what i have bought so far is ff grow big something called grow that is recommended to use with " micro " these 2 balance their NPK to almost everything even . i also hv verde , superthrive , mad farmer , n pure blend tea . i stopped using all of them since i transplanted them ( 2 nights ago ) because i switched the soil to ffof n i have heard that i shouldnt add any nutes for about 2 weeks . i used everything either 1/2 to full recommended strength of all nutes

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