What could this be? Multiple symptoms

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  1. Hey guys I cannot for the life of me figure this out. My autos are showing a range of symptoms from shiny wrinkly leaves, fan leafs totally curling under, canoing, plant seems slightly yellow

    Strain: northern lights xtrm auto

    Growing medium: pro mix mixed with half bag of ffof and happy frog 1 part perlite

    I have only been watering with PhD water and mild superthrive used once in the beginning.
    Soil ph looks to be around 6.4

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  2. First picture where the lower leaf has umbrella shape I think is a symptom of wind burn. The leaves in the other pictures curling up/canoeing/tacoing could be from high temps/low humidity. Otherwise could be roots or PH issue.
  3. Wow you think so? I was thinking that also it has been in the 90s and humid lately. I have a new ph meter coming just for.good measure

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  4. Last pic looks like might have been over/under watering recently.
  5. If you look closely in the 2nd pic and the last pic you will see the fan leaves totally curled/twisted

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  6. I received my new ph test meter and my pH is 7.5 possibly too alkaline for these autos liking. What you you recommend for lowering? They are going to start flower soon

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  7. Two things I notice right away is under feeding/watering and wind burn. Wind burn causes a curled look or folded over look. Been heavy wind lately? Also to identify overwatering look at the leaf and branch it's connected to. If the leaf AND branch are hanging downwards that's overwatering. If the branch is erect but just the leaf is hanging downward it's hungry. So yours look hungry. Hope this helps and happy growing!

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  8. U sure it looks hungry? Sorta have the same problem .....
  9. Honestly on second look they look well watered I was pretty stoned my man sorry! But the leaves being curled is definitely between two options. #1 you have muddy and thick soil which makes the leaves curl inward so I'd check your mix next time or possibly try to perfect your current soil mix. I'm a ebb and flood guy so I don't mess with soil much so it's hard for me to confirm that.... BUT I'd look into that for sure. #2 wind burn. Happy smmoookkkiinn

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  10. I fed light feeding with some calimag and looks better. I'm not sure how much to feed autos

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