What could this be ? Maybe sick babies

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  1. 25 days old

    wanting to know about the tips and the color of the plant itself , am i doing something wrong or should i continue how I'm going... 600w hps . Water ever 3 days .. etc etc

    The little one is the same age , its growing retarded/stumpy... it came up out of the dirt 4 days after the other 2 ... p.s the other 2 are a different strain :)
    Mind you the seeds from the little strain.. when i germinated them 2 were duds and only the 1 germinated and now its grown retarded or very slow ... i hope it picks up.

    Any thoughts , advice ... would be hreatly appreciated
    Thanks maddieeeee :)

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    You referred to it as dirt, but your medium looks like coco. If it is coco, you're doing a lot of things wrong. Your plants look hungry. Can you tell us about your feeding schedule and what nutes you are using.
  3. the etc. etc. we need to know, what medium is it? Veg or straight to flower? Have they been fed? Is the pot light in weight before you water again?
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  4. yeah it is coco :/

    Feeding part A part B
    schedule - roughly every 3-4 days getting water with nutrients with 20% run off each water.


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  5. yeah it is coco :/ theres an attached photo of wat it is
    Veg stage still , they're 25 days old and yes they get fed :)
    Feeding part A part B every 3-4 days
    To the pot being light weight , yes and no sometimes n sometimes not


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  6. Did you pre-charge your coco? Coco should never be allowed to dry out - and never given plain water - it's not soil. The larger plants should be fed at least 1/2 strength nutes everyday and pH'd to 6.0. The tiny one should not be fed daily. Even when saturated, coco will still retain 30% oxygen in the root zone - over watering coco is only possible when a very small plant is in a very large pot.
  7. overall nitrogen deficiency. probably caused by ph being off .The cation ratio is off blocking nitrogen from being absorbed. Check the run off ph and run 1/4 strength nutes until it straightens out. then gradually begin feeding normally over the following week.

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  8. What do you mean by pre charge ??
    Sorry I'm writting for my partner .
    I'm just the messanger lol
    He said , his never given full strength nutrients , he gives 2/3 .

    So even though my little one is the same age as his big ones ur saying we shouldn't water the little one as much as the big ones ?
    Thanks heaos for your help
  9. Oh sorry he knew um yes they are pre charged
  10. Coco is inert and doesn't contain any nutes - it should be pre-charged before use - I pre-charge with 1/4 strength nutes with tap water pH'd to 6.0 and some people pre-charge with cal-mag. Do not feed the little one as often as the larger ones until it grows and establishes a good root system - otherwise you may run into an over watering problem. Daily feeding replenishes the nutes and pulls in fresh oxygen to the root zone - plain water messes up the Cation Exchange Capacity. What's the pH of your nute solution? And have you checked the pH of the run off?
  11. Looks to me like drowning roots. Too much water in the medium
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  12. Ok no worrys , Between 6 1/2 - 7 is the run off ph

    Whats this multiply? his not sure if he should use it , it came with the nutes
    His saying the leaves feel dryand are curling... the little ones not though.


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  13. How so ?
  14. What pH is your nute solution going in? I'm not familiar with the nutes you are using so I can't comment.
  15. The dropping of the leaves is a sign of water logging the bottom part of the roots.GFP

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  16. How do i fix that :(
  17. 6.5 before nutes 6.5 after nutes .
  18. transplant to bigger pot with real drainage make sure you have some perlite in there .let it dry out a little and keep the roots out of standing water GFP

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  19. Every time i have smaller plants and they turn that color ita becuz im watering too much or soil has bad drainage.
  20. Drop your nute solution to 5.9 or so - 6.5 is for soil.

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