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what could I get?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by acaciacomplex, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I want to buy weed to break in my new arizer solo and bong. I live in Missouri. I was wondering what my options are for weed with around 150$
  2. Well around here you can get a half ounce to 3/4ounce
  3. You could get a good half zip
    (if you aren't aware that's a good 14 g's)
  4. You should be able to get a half O pretty much anywhere for $150
  5. What are your recommendations of what I should buy a half zip of?
  6. Not if its dank
  7. Your getting ripped off if you pay more than 160/half for dank.

  8. Yea maybe in SoCal but not on the east, its a bit annoying when the people with low prices come on here and expect everyone to have it like that. It just isn't!

  9. Yeah it took me a while to meet the right people to get good prices like a good couple years but before that a half was $200+
  10. Not exactly. Find a grower or find someone who will hook you up... Or grow your own. Its a bit annoying when thd people with high prices come here and expect everyone not to have common sense and find a grower.
    All jokes aside find a grower
  11. 150 is pretty much a half in buffalo
  12. Ok...

  13. Yea I could get 150 an Oz (not a half an Oz) too if i wanted too but its not quality. Your prices are your prices don't come on here saying that ppl are getting ripped off when they pay a certain price just because YOU pay less.
  14. I believe we are talking about only dank.
  15. Yah, only dank
  16. Didnt' mean to like this comment. This comment is just wrong. If you have never been to or visited the East Coast, please dont speak on it.
  17. My step brother lives out there and i visit him and he get pretty good prices.
  18. Thats not the point. Prices vary from house to house let alone coast to coast
  19. Not all smoke is the same quality, also varies the price.

  20. No, I'll admit it your right, you can get low prices every where, if you grow or know a grower. But, when we are talking about normal prices like the OP is asking about then getting bud isn't cheap on the east coast. I have never bought an O for 390 but its not uncommon and doesn't mean you have been ripped off

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