What could I be messing up?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Xtract Max, May 3, 2016.

  1. My returns haven't been nearly what the should be. I'm getting half of what I should.
    What factors may cause this?
    My shatter is stable
    My butane is Home Depot stuff 75% butane 25% propone and probably some other stuff I don't know
    My material is not consistent. But the last batch was fresh and promising but still a half the return I expected but the quality was high.
    I'm doing passive runs with no recovery pump (it broke)
    Also I'm using a one pounder.
  2. just use pure butane, propane doesn't sound like something i want in my oil....
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  3. That's because you have no idea what you are talking about.

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  4. then... educate me? i don't claim to be a know it all, i'm just saying propane doesn't sound appealing

    infact i only just got into oil last year so i'd be MORE than happy to be educated
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  5. i agree with @RecklessToker on this one man. explain what da fuq you mean. To my knowledge you for sure dont want to make oil with any propane gases. Does propane boil off just as easily as butane with no left over bullshit? or is just not as bad as everyone seems to think while still not being ideal? fuck maybe it is ideal and we just dont know. share what you know man.
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  6. so glad i am not the only
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  7. Yall really never hearda pho and mixed..?
  8. image.jpeg image.jpeg I should be getting 45 grams and I'm only getting 20 to 25. I finally got some good material to work with and bought some of the higher end butane and this is what I'm getting now at lease right before I flip the slab. It's still purging. However I keep losing too much butane in my recovery. I don't use to much heat because I don't want to roast my stuff just because I'm getting impatient, but I can't for the life of me get to negative pressure on my recovery.

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