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what could be the problem

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dathaze, May 2, 2011.

  1. She was under four 54w flourescent tubes one on each side of room. She birth under them and got to her size today. Yesterday I placed her under one 125w cfl feliz light. That actually raised the temp of the grow room. It use to average between 72 and 85 now its 75 min 89.7 high with rx% 47. I water her once every friday in cup full of pic below with water that sits in gallon. Now why is her bottom leaves looking like this. Someone please help me. Also when should I transfer to bigger pot.

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    just looks like a deformity cuz the plant looks healthy and those bottom dead leafs is normal to die off watering 1 time a week wow lol i water every 2 days and if u water just around the rim of the pot it will make the roots span out more i just check the bottom of the pots till i see roots come out the bottom or if the dirt is hard enough u can take it out and its one block its ready
  3. Ok I just took the 125w cfl out and just put the four 54w flourescents tubes on only. The thing with this is my baby seem to be growing slower than everyone elses on here. And I read online that that could be a heat problem. I was also wondering if I should place the plant in the middle of the room which will make it atleast one ruler away from each tube

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