What could be my plants problems?

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    This is what it looks like
    Can someone help me? Their 2 and 1/2 weeks old and roots haven't even begin to grow out the netpots yet

    This is hydroponic with air pump and water pump
    I have 600w mh dimmed to 50% 2 feet away runned 24/7
    They didn't get light for 1st week
    I haven't added any nutrients
    Temp stays 70-79
    Ph around 6

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  2. you have the lights too far away, that little girl is
    stretching like there is no tomorrow lol
  3. Na I didn't give them light for the 1st week that's when it stretched but it hasn't grown since the 1st week just bbc.co a couple leaves
  4. they're looking for light bro
  5. what everyone else said....stretched looking for light. Since you didn't give them light for the first week, they were probably stretching trying to find ANY little bit they could. Why didn't you give them any light for a week, if I may ask?
  6. I know that's why it stretched but they havent got any taller since i put them under the light andI got them under a 600w dimmed to 50% and 24 in away. Because my mom wouldn't let me have the light in the house lol
  7. What is your lighting schedule?
  8. 24/7 I never turn the light off their autos
  9. Root growth occurs with lights out. I have found best results with 20/4
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    I have a 600w 2 feet away dimmed to 50%
    Why would they be looking for light? They haven't gotten any taller since i added the light. Just grown a couple leaves. Do you know why my leaves are so small?
  11. So you think if I go 20/4 the roots will grow? They didn't get light for the 1st week and didn't grow at all. I think if I turn the light off the temp will drop to 65 or less would that be ok? Just for a couple days
  12. It is using energy trying to develop its root system possibly. I always grow from seed under T5HO fixtures about 2 inches above the plants with rest time of 4 hours until they are big enough to go under the big boy lights. Could be the reason....might also not be strong enough to function yet with the stretching...that's a long way for the nutrients to travel when they are that small and fragile. Just stay the course....they will snap out of it...

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  13. This was one of my autos on 20/4....cannabis is very resilient and it will be fine!
  14. Dang that plant looks good
    Should I add nutrients?
    Could this be why the leaves are so small?
  15. I wouldn't....I never add nutes when they are that small. The plant is original amnesia and it began showing flowers a few days after that pic. I have seen seedlings that stretched just run out of juice and fall over that fully recovered to be very productive.
  16. I take that back...I foliar feed with a light kelp extract early on...
  17. Well cool I hope they can snap out of it and this is Amnesia Haze auto we greater same thing lol
    So should I go 20/4 if temps will drop to 65?
  18. I would until you get solid root structure....amnesia haze is also very good...you will love it
  19. Ok I'll do that and what was your dry yeild on that plant? What's foiler feed?
  20. I have grown 4 amnesia autos that reached about 3 feet tall and all yielded around 50 grams each.

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