What could be eating my leaves?

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    I am growing 2 unknown autoflowers strains outdoors. They’re both growing in the same soil mixed with perlite. Everything has been going smooth until a few days ago I noticed a bunch of tiny holes in almost all of the top leaves on my plants. I did a thorough inspection and was not able to find any bugs living on my plant. They have just started to flower within the last few days. Will this affect the final product when it comes harvest time? Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this or what I might be able to do to solve the issue?
  2. Being outside it could be anything yo. Specially if you cant find any when you look. Id try to get some kinda all purpose organic pesticide for a foliage spray. Definitely gonna have to get rid of them asap or your plant is gonna be dead. Some aphids took a toll on mine once . in barely over a week my plants were looking rough ended up tossing them

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  3. You need to wait till 1-2am to go check them with lights if you do not find bugs eating during the day.

    Ever heard of earwigs.... they cover my large tree’s leaves at nigh devouring them. Would be hard to believe if not seen myself.

    A lot of bugs come out at night to avoid heat and being spotted by predators.

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  4. I noticed this tiny insect crawling on one of the leaves and also a tiny black one that I didn’t even notice was a bug until it jumped away almost like a flea.

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