What Consoles do you have? (Pics)

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by xLDKx NewYorker, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Also have a N64 and a NES but back in another state
    PS2 is my favorite because it was my childhood, i miss playing split screen with my buddies in my early teens Medal of Honor was the best...i definitely don't miss that Multitap.
    SCPH-30001 on the right (bad laser modded hdd) SCPH-39001  (new laser modded hdd)
    edit* forgot pic i'm high
    also modding 360 not sure whether to buy CoolRunner v3 or TeamXecuter
    modding the xbox original as well and a gamecube

  2. Ps3 and ps4 all i need really got rid of all the classicsSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Its all about PC people get with the times.
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  4. PC for 99% of games and xbox for the occasional exclusive 
  5.  Console? Sorry, I'm not a peasant. I'm a PC gamer.
  6. This is my "console":
    Getting an XFX 7870 dual fan pretty soon, which is 3x as powerful as my 450 :)
  7. Oh God the PC master douches are out in full force on this board
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  8. Can you blame us?
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    Not to be a douchey as you guys butHence the word "Console" :)Besides i dont need a super computer to enjoy a gameSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  10. haha yea I was surprised they said "console" and weren't poppin of about their "rigs" and the pc masterfucking race, haha I just say play what you want to play, BasedgodDank
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  11. I was just joking around with that stuff, but there is some truth to what I said. 
    But now that you gave me an argument I must debate it.
    You say you don't need a supercomputer to enjoy a game, I understand your perspective but you're wrong. How much did your computer cost? A couple hundred? And your console? A couple hundred? My computer cost me about $600. So let's say I spent $200 on a console and $400 on a PC. Well, wouldn't it be more efficient to just have one "Console"? AKA the PC, consoles are PC's with a different operating system..
    Plus, games on the PC are cheap as hell. I bought bioshock infinite for $5 last night. 139 games now and I've spent about $220 on them.
    Now I sound like a militant master race PC gamer, fuck it.
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  12. i've owned about every console minus sega genesis, nes, and dreamcast. i've ended up selling most of them though. now i just use emulators on my pc and adapters so i can use the console's original controller. i have emulators for the snes, n64, gamecube, ps1, ps2, and wii.
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    You're beating a dead horse. Nothing will ever show them the light. They're barbarians choosing to live in the dark age.
    Seriously guys, the PC master race shit is tongue in cheek. Don't let it rub you the wrong way. If you guys actually got outside GC you'd know people call PC users vultures and that we eat the scrap ports handed down to us years later. This happens every time we get a port. MGR, GTA, Dark Souls, etc.
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  14. i have a ps2 ps3 and wii. i'll take pics and post em later i guess. they all look the same except for the slim version tho right? lol

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  15. okay dude.. you have a 780 and a i7-4770k and all this crazy shit. well you do need a new sound card but what's up with that monitor? 1280x720? You're in the master race, don't be limited like the peasants. Get yourself one of them fancy 1920x1080 144hz monitors. 720p on a gtx 780 is a sin against Gaben.
  16. I have it hooked up to my 47" TV. Temp fix till I can get a reasonably priced 4k monitor or I can get 3 monitors at once.
  17. If I was you I'd wait for a 4K. You can get 3 monitors but that'd be stupid cause in a few years you're gonna see 4K more often and want 4K. So just slowly add on monitors as 4K gets cheaper.
  18. I have a 360, a ps4 and a piece of shit tower that fried on me, but supported all the gaming i wanted to do for about 300 bucks. 
    me and my bud went halfsies on the ps4, only really play warframe on it maybe once a week lol, waiting for final fantasy to come out looks kinda dope. 
    other than that though, steam is the shit and it seems to only be picking up more..steam after this whole game creation thing is coming out for it i havent really looked into it since i dont plan on building another pc for a while, i really cant justify putting 2 gs into one when i already have a console that is gonna support the games i wanna play. 
    you can build a pc that will match/beat the ps4 at a similar price point, and unlike the ps4 you can upgrade it whenever you want.

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