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  1. So a friend of mine calls me tonight, says his girlfriend got into an argument with him, and called him a stupid nigger. He said, it got him angry to the point he almost smacked the broad, and stops. Laughs at her, and walks away.

    However, I felt like I couldn't fully understand the situation because I don't know an insult that would infuriate me to the extent that the word does. However, I fully understand the anger behind it.

    Basically, is there anything you would feel that is an insult to that extent? My tanner;) blades are welcome to chime in how it feels to be insulted with the word?
  2. Greetings,

    It's incredibly stupid. My ancestors were enslaved. I don't get all violent if you call me a stupid pollak.

    Double standard caused by race relations in the United States? Me thinks so.

    Yours Truly,
  3. Ok as a black guy in a mostly white neighborhood, the only thing truly annoying about the word 'n!gger' is the reaction that everyone expects out of you. Someone will be reciting any given hip hop song and they'll say it and then the ENTIRE room pans to me and waits eagerly to see whether I'll be angry or not, now THAT is annoying.

    Otherwise It's just a word, it's in music, movies, television, books, magazines and just about everywhere else. Get over it.
  4. Why am I not allowed to rep you again?
  5. afuckingmen. about the last part. put the first part is so true and it's fuckin funny. haha i always bust out laughing in those situations. but anyways -- if you weren't there to experience it, don't say that it truly affects you. most of the ignorant people need to stop being so damn sensitive. it makes me laugh. really it does.
  6. Im not sure, we have enslaved ourselfs really. The race card keeps races propagated, so we do it to ourselves, if people stopped reacting to the N word, im sure less african americans would be offended..and its only in the US do black people get upset over it..european blacks, dont really give a fuck about it
  7. I didn't say I was effected. I said I didn't under how it would feel. I was asking for clarification, because as a low income white male of no particular descent, I couldn't comprehend the situation.

    That's what people do when they want to learn. They ask questions.
  8. Collectivism breeds racism by giving power to racial slurs.

    Fear of racism empowers the effect of words.

  9. It is, and the saddening part is that it's taught behavior, I was taught from the beginning that if I was ever racially or religiously (born islam) attacked that i should be INFURIATED. Once I grew up and adopted peace as my primary priority I understood that it was a flawed way to go about things.
  10. I don't like being called a cunt.
  11. I could understand that as a woman. However, I just don't know of any insult that would piss me off.

  12. haha that was funny for some reason.

    but sometimes there are people deserving of certain epithets due to their actions.

    if you dont want to be thought of/known as/called a bitch, whore, cunt, jackass, etc.,

    then dont do things that fit the label.
  13. oh haha. that was supposed to be a general statement. not directed to you. but just in general how i feel on the situation.
  14. all good, take the blunt...take a seat. hopefully, this thread gets some good responses.
  15. The word ****** itself isn't what bothers me. It's the intent with which people use it. When someone calls me a ******, I feel as though they are knowingly trying to make me feel inferior, as well as attempting to apply all the negative stereotypes and ideas about black people to me, only due to the color of my skin, not because of any action I have taken.

    Anyone can be called an asshole or fool, only a black person can be called a ******.

    I'd like to add that as a black person, being told you act "white" (or like any other race for that matter) is just as bad, and in some ways more infuriating because you can't react to it without being told to chill out. People need to stop saying that.
  16. I do enjoy messing with people though. Someone will say it and be like OMG I'M SO SORRY JOHN! and I'll be like tell that to my fucking ancestors! (knowing damn well that that makes no sense). It's so funny to see the backtracking people do when they think you're upet. :D
  17. i don't get it. how is one able to act a certain race? that's where the whole stereotyping mess comes into play, i think. it's just fuckin dumb and most people need to realize that race is not black and white. it's gray as hell and you can't generalize a whole race. when someone says that, you know that they're just ignorant as hell.
  18. Oh I'll agree on both notes. The intent definitely bothers me. To think that someone was so willing to say the most hurtful thing they can think of is actually quite offensive. My friends girlfriend called me a n!gger, and it wasn't the word that upset me, it was the blatant anger behind it.

    Secondly, I come from a small, mostly white town and an upper middle class family. However, I live, work and go to school in the city. I must hear "You talk/dress white." At least 3 times a week. I didn't know that darker skin immediately excluded one from speaking with a proper vernacular. :rolleyes: Idiots.
  19. Thats what he pretty much was saying to me. He said hes never brought race in the relationship.

    He just called her a stupid skank, or a slut. She was never a white slut. Or a white skank. and I understood where he was coming from, because my previous girlfriend never referred to me as a white jackass. or anything like that.

    Except for in bed. man I love sex with a big booty with no rules.

  20. Indeed, and the sick thing about the whole situation is that it works to keep blacks (as well as other minorities) in the lower ranks of society. This view has been so indoctrinated that many black people feel they are being a traitor to their race by seeking an education and self improvement. But white people still see you as a black guy.

    It really isn't a fun position to be in. But oh well, you can't please everyone right?

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