What companies will be the next Apples/Microsofts of our time?

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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNcLKbJs3xk"]YouTube - Juan Enriquez: Tech evolution will eclipse the financial crisis[/ame]

    I look at biotechnology stocks, then I look at the advancements being made, it seems like what he is saying is positively correct. These companies will shoot up in value way past what they are doing now.

    Talk about curing cancer, stopping diseases, regrowing limbs and organs.

    Those are only a few years out.

    There is a curve going one here in the medical field, much like any other industry where technological innovations are over doing expectations.

    I fear not only are these companies going to grow, but they are going to put a further burden on the consumer. This stuff isn't going to be cheap, but everyone will expect it. Are people going to have to wait for the best treatment and stick with the old tell it can become more affordable, or is something else going to happen.

    Are the politicians going to demand for universal health care of these things even if we cannot afford it?

    I have tempted in studying genomic's, but more in a agricultural way not in the medical field, but this subject is appealing to me none the less, your thoughts?
  2. i think there will be a huge demand for surveillance equipment in the future to come. as to what companies they will be? i have no idea.
  3. that video was very very intresting

    props for postin that
  4. Really, you don't need technology. See how animals can regrow limps without technology, it just takes time. Over time, it would be all worth it. ;)
  5. Dude, they were able to make a chicken that could regrow limbs, which means they could engineer humans to regrow limbs. Think about all those soldiers from Iraq, all those special olympics runners that are without legs and even regular disabled people. All that shit is going to come at a cost, and there is no one backing it at the moment. You can buy most biotechnology companies for pennies. When one of them patents one of these ideas, there worth will shoot up exponentially. The man in the video Juan Enriquez, I have invested a little into him and have convinced my father to. Funny thing was it took me forever to find the ticker for his company.

  6. I know, I have cochlear implants and it really help me out. It amazing but what I'm saying is that animals that can regrow limps and hearts without technology what amaze me even more. It shows you that technology does not need to required to heal and/or regrow things.

    The only thing I would not support is robots, They do not have creative minds like us and never will be. And if we fully created a robot that has emotions, feeling, and so forth, It can destroy humans, and go on destruction of the universe.

    after I read your post 3 times, I finally understand what you're trying say about microsoft and apple. Gotcha!
  7. I think if patent reform ever does come it'll be because bastard biotech companies will make amazing discoveries- how to regrow limbs, cure cancer, radically increase longevity, make cryogenics work- and they'll patent it, keep prices artificially high and make everyone hate them. Who cares if you can cure cancer when kids dying of lymphoma can't afford the treatments but Dick Cheney will live to 120?
  8. Wow that was a really good video, thanks for posting it. Although new technology comes at a high cost, I think that these technologies can be relativeley affordable after a time. Microsoft and Apple are expensive operating systems that many people use nowadays. However, there is a free alternative to these called Linux.

    My point in saying this is that while technology will always be exclusive to the wealthy when it is new, people will make a way to make it more availible through alternative methods. Supply and demand take care of the rest.
  9. If they banned it, there always a black market. ;)
  10. Eminent domain says hello, and think before you speak. The man that is talking in this video is a CEO of a biotech company, does he sound like a douche bag?
  11. The existence of good biotech executives does not preclude the existence of douchebag biotech executives.

    In short: Monsanto.

  12. yeah but he's in 50s. so when somebody replace him, He might be a fucker....... or a good person.
  13. Are you confusing the biotech industry with the pharmaceutical industry?

    Pharmaceuticals realized things like this would come about, why do you think they have been charging so much? They are the US whaling of the biological industries. Old, unproductive, and overtly expensive. Other Biotech companies who are trying to figure out better ways of healing people are not assholes like those in the pharmaceutical industry.
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    Biotech companies are out to make a buck, just like every other company on earth.

    I'm not confusing pharma with biotech, I'm saying that the field of medicine can, has been, and is being exploited by greedy bastards to the detriment of everybody else and there's no reason to think that once really interesting biotech comes to market with the full force of patents behind it that every biotech company that makes a useful discovery will use their newfound powers of monopoly over the technology to do good.

    Biotech is very much a nascent industry. It's still run by the people who are actually making the discoveries. You can bet once biotech gets really big, they'll have to go public, and once they go public the good guys become subservient to investors, who may or may not be good but who probably are amoral fucks who just want money.

    It's why I gave the example of Monsanto, who are deep in agricultural biotech with shit like patented RoundupReady crops (which you can plant once but whose seeds you don't own because Monsanto "owns" the genetics), rBGH, and "terminator" seeds whose crops actually don't produce seeds to force you to keep coming back to Monsanto.
  15. If legalization occurs I would like to become the Apple/Microsoft of Cannabis. ;)

  16. truth!
  17. Two words:

    Sex Robots.
  18. What incentive do people have to buy Monsanto plants?

    Is there just lack of competition or am I missing something?

    There are always two sides to a story, I feel like you are giving me only half to one side.

    What are Mosanto making that others cannot?

    Is this like the oil industry where they come together like a multicompany monopoly and fuck over everyone equally?
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    They specialize in high-yield seeds and offer a number of GM seeds that have added protections against like insects and blights and that kind of thing. I mentioned RoundupReady, which is a bit of a double-whammy in terms of sales: they sell an herbicide called Roundup which kills growing plants (I can't recall if it's all of them or if it's only certain kinds) and then they sell you seeds with "RoundupReady" genetics, meaning they're specially modified to be tolerant of Roundup. The patents on Roundup expired almost ten years ago but the patents on RoundupReady genes are still valid.

    In terms of actual damage done, I don't think either RoundupReady or their terminator crops did too much damage because there are other seed catalogs out there, but it should be pretty telling as to how much implicit trust we should lend to biotech companies.

    I trust a company when they don't act like megalomaniacal sociopaths, not because they belong to an industry.
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    Google will be one of the mega big ones, unless microsoft start doing more web stuff, microsoft really missed out on monopolising that quickly. live search, pft..

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