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What colour is a full mirrored room?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Battletiger7, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Read the title... Says it all, anyway I'm stoned and was wondering what would it look like to stand in a full mirror cubed room...
  2. Well the mirror would reflect whatever is in the room therefore if there was a lightbulb it would show that it there is no form of light it would be complete darkness
  3. it would be shiny :]
  4. I think it'd be brown.
  5. It would be Supernova. Proven fact, look it up
  6. It would Look like the intersection of 4 hallways with mirrored walls along the hallways.
  7. ive often wondered this myself. i think it depends on the light source, but as a photographer (light writer) i can not understand if a single light source would make the room blindly bright or extremely dark.
  8. I think that it would be like looking down a hallway that extends infinitely. If you looked at yourself in any of the mirrors, however, I would guess that it would be the same as looking in a normal mirror, you would see yourself, but the area around you would seem to stretch forever because the light is being reflected continuously.
  9. I want someone to do this and take pics. Then give me the location so I can spend large portions of time in this room.
  10. What if rather than your ordinary room, you somehow created a mirror sphere room......
  11. They had a mirror room in Liberty Science Center back in the day. Ceiling, four walls, and the floor were all mirrors. There were white lights coming from behind the mirrors, and it just looked like a room with a lot of mirrors haha..not as cool as you think.
  12. its easy , it would be completley dark because you didnt mention a lightbulb
  13. No this. You know that 2 way mirror stuff they use at police stations? well If they made a sphere out of that, with the mirror part on the inside. and you went inside it and shined a laser pointer, what would it look like?

    It would be solid mirror on inside and see through from the outside. trippy.
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    I'm also a photographer and really was thinking the same thing.
  15. [ame=]The Mirror Room - YouTube[/ame]

    something like this
  16. I could only imagine it would be really, really, really bright. If you take a close look at car headlights, you'll see that the actual lightbulbs are not that powerful. What gives the headlight its power is the casing of mirrors surrounding it. Anyone want to make a spaceship with a mirror room as a headlight?
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    I'm in.

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