What Colour Eyes Do You Have?

Discussion in 'General' started by Twee, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I'm staring at my own eyes in the mirror now, I'm high as fuck and tripping balls staring into my own eyes. Seriously, it's weird and cool at the same time. 
    My eyes are a very deep blue colour. LOL now my freckles are beginning to get trippy. Freckles are weird. This shit is crazy.
    But anyway, what about you? What colour are your eyes? :smoke:

  2. Brown with a bit of green
  3. oceanish blue
    It's 'color' if you speak American-English, which I don't  :smoking:
  5. My eyes are like crystal blue and grey colored.

    Awesome Opossum

  6. Right now, they look pretty red to me.  :smoking:
  8. Mine are a light green. They get darker sometimes.
  9. green like da ganja

  10. [/quote]
    green like da ganja[/quote]

    Pretty much ;)
  11. 1/11 is brown. which defys odds of humanity
  12. Light blue, closer to grey on a bright summer day.
  13. Purple.
  14. Mostly a darkish green. But it changes sometimes with different variations of blue, grey, yellow, light green. 
  15. Baby blue.   
  16. My grandmothers eyes are like that I love them.

    Awesome Opossum

  17. very interesting poll results...but i myself have "hazel eyes" according to my drivers license lol
  18. Brown with some grey

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