what color spectrum do fluoros produce?

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  1. MH is blue and HPS is red.. what about fluorescents
  2. depends on the bulbs you use. you can get different bulbs that put out different spectrums. cool white and daylight bulbs put out more blue light and the warm white bulbs put out more reds.
  3. Everything that matches the suns spectrum (except for the green part) will do fine.
    The plant can use all of it except for green.

    For vegging 444 nm wavelength is the optimum. (looks blue)
    For flowering its 666 nm. (looks red)

    You can get a lot of different fluro-tubes in a lot of different spectrums.
    You should do some reading on grolux tubes, the suns spectrum, aquarium tubes and the likes.

    The ones I am TRYING (color 33) have a spectrum that looks like this :


    Probably those special grolux homegrow thingy tubes are NOT want you want to try.
    They cost like 10 times more and need to be replaced 2 times to 4 times quicker, so effectively 40 times more expensive.

    No need to have an exact match of the suns spectrum or the perfect wavelenghts. If you use tubes that do not output much at a certain wavelength you want to use you can allways use MORE WATTS. As long as it outputs at least a fair bit of what you need. (So no black lights won't do);)
  4. i have a warm white fluro. which is red. so i need to get cool white for vegging?
  5. Probably not.
    From what I read the biggest problem is the flowering period under fluro's.
    If you're worried about not having enough blues you should add another warm fluro.
  6. i plan to get another 3 fluros. so should i get 2 warm white and 2 cool white?
  7. If got cools use those.
    If you need to spend money get warms.

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