What college's to apply to?!

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  1. Basically haven't made any big decisions. Semester left in my senior year. GPA is only a 2.4 buuut I can score well on my ACTS. Haven't came across many college threads n I know you guys are out there. What's good with the life? Where you @? Major? hahah :smoke:
    Only one I'm interested in would be University of Northern Colorado. Ones close to home would be University North Dakota or Minnesota - Duluth. Want to go to a school my rents will be proud of but also one with dope ass people. Cali might be outta my reach..
  2. screw ND and minnesota unless ur used to those brutal winters and shitty "weed".. If not CAli then try colorado or michigan. cali is the best tho if ur lookin for the best mj and social scene but that might be out of reach like u said
  3. i have a few buddies at Duluth, it sucks in the winter. the town is overrated, good bud though, you would never have a problem finding any. same with ND. Iowa and Iowa State have got to be the most UNDER RATED schools ever. bomb buds, everyone is nice, and college towns in general are pretty nice, not ghetto or shitty.
  4. Cali, colorado, or in the northeast, uri, umass, uvm all good school with chill ass people and some dank ass weed.

    I go to uri and have visited all of the other schools so i can personally attest to them being chill. But overall id recommend cali or colorado if you can reach them and love them.

    Or if you wanna have some fun go penn state :devious:
  5. I checked out northern CO when i was looking at schools last year it was pretty sweet, had a headshop right across from the admin building, but the town of Greeley sucks balls for a party scene, nice chron tho.
  6. But do you really wanna go to a college just for the weed?
    I mean I'm in the same situation as you except my grades are significantly higher (I won't go into detail but alot higher)
    And for a long time I was obsessed I was going to humboldt.....I loved the area loved the herb and it was just sweet but I had to ask myself is this the best I can do? Shouldn't I deserve better because I busted my ass these 4 years in HS.....and you do
    You have to get the highest best education possible and who cares if the weeds good in the area are you gonna pay $20k a year just to be in a location of good weed or for a proper education......hell for 20k a year your better off moving to like the emerald triangle, bc, or like socal and just smoking If thats what you want

    Don't choose a school just on the weed in the area do your best you deserve it
  7. currently a junior at the university of kansas, love it. Majoring in economics with a minor in business, couldn't be happier. Weed is great, and the women are even better. With 2.4 GPA you're going to be limited, unless you get like a 30+ on your ACT, but nothing is wrong w/ in-state.
  8. I'm aware of my low gpa and that I will be limited on my choices. The schools I listed are not tough to get into, I believe I have a decent chance. I'm not basing my decision on weed.. Living in MN sucks for dank and I'm tired of the people. Jus wanna have some other schools in mind for when I get rejected. Can't tell me I don't have a chance anywhere outta state. I can score 22+ on my act. Pull a 2.5 by the end of the year. Thanks for the replies. I know Greeley isnt poppin but the town is the university it seems like. Lots of women from what I hear? Not looking to go to boudler but a known university would be great imo. <3 any help I can get
  9. Zoomass Slammherst(umass amherst)
  10. You havent even told us your major! Idk how anyone can give you advice on what school to pick when you havent said what you plan to study. Unless you're only interested in the social/party scene and whether there's good bud, in which case you shouldn't be wasting money at college!

    If you plan to major in business, umass Amherst has an awesome business school but you need a 3.0 just to be considered. But you could major there in something like liberal arts and get your gpa up to 3.0 and transfer to their business program..

    Please don't choose a school based on the party scene, that's just a waste of your (or your parents) money. Go somewhere where you'll get a quality education, and use the social scene as maybe 3rd or 4th on the things you're looking for in a school, not your main priority.
  11. your not getting unto Umass with a 2.4, the average is a 3.6-3.7
  12. Once again you guys, I'm not getting into UMASS or any other high ranking school. I haven't really decided a major so was wondering what schools might he interesting. I don't give a fuck if I even get accepted. Least I'm trying. You guys gotta remember I'll take whatever I can get. Looking for the best options even though you guys have made it very clear I don't have many... Thanks for telling me what I already know though! :smoke:
  13. You should probably look for a school that will overlook the fact that you don't know the difference between possessive and plural.
    College's / Colleges.

    Duluth is a decent school. NDSU is a good school. Go somewhere within your means, I know they make it seem like once college is over you'll just get a job and pay off your student loans... this is usually never the case.
  14. Typing off my phone so I can't say I'm worried about my grammar.
  15. You're going to have a pretty tough time of it with a 2.4, and the fact that your grammar (at least in this thread) sucks. It's COLLEGES, there's no apostrophe - and I do believe your title is also a split infinitive. BUT that's neither here nor there.

    My advice - stay in your city, go to community college for a couple of years get that GPA up and transfer into a GOOD 4 year school, because with a 2.4 it won't matter what you get on your SAT or ACTs you won't be considered for anything that is actually a good school.
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    When you get it narrowed down, "walk the campus"! Physically go there and get the feel of the place! Some places look better than they feel! And what you need in a college is not necessarily what another person needs!

    And Will is right, a 2 year college is a better place to start! Cheaper for one thing, and with your GPA, it is a good option! Also community colleges are better places for finding pot, than a "high pressure" 4 year college!

  17. I've been going to community college and using all the money i save to buy some dank ass dank. also i'm enjoying not being in debt also :) college is fucking expensive so im gonna go to community college and live in my moms house as long as i can and i would recommend anyone who can to do it. some of my friends are 10's of thousands of dollars in debt cause they want to go to the "fancy" schools that make them believe they are gonna get hired on graduation day and make 6 figures a year the day after. jokes gonna be on them... My mom told me her boss who is in his 50's just recently paid off his student loans from medical school...

    also my mom lets me smoke and grow all the weed i want and im 22 so i dont want to hear those age police getting on me for living at home. also im the man of the house too :D

  18. granny always makes a great point. My college has 4 campuses and i've gone to two of them and they both have COMPLETELY different vibes. but they only offer the music program at one of their campuses so im stuck going to the one i hate :/ It's gonna sound racist but its not ment to be, i hate my campus cause there are mostly black and hispanic girls there and almost NO attractive white girls, when at the other campus was swimming with white girls!

    i'm not racist i just love me some white bitches :cool: and i know im not the only one ;)
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISdj-Fp-NsI]White girl - Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne, Fabulous, Rick Ross - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Yea if I don't get into a good school I'll jus find a community college. GC give me a break, I left a f'n apostrophe in the title there for I am not ready for college. Cool like I said earlier haha. This is me not giving a fack. I have no idea what am I going to major in, have a few slight ideas but kinda stuck atm. My iPhone types itself sometimes. Thanks for all the good advice though. Never said I was book smart but I have ambition n shit. God damn I hear enough talking down to me all day, lighten up y'all :smoke:
  20. Man just because you dident so well in hs doesent mean your screwed. Go to a community college for 2 years and transfer. Plus it saves allot of money.

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