What College or University do you attend?

Discussion in 'General' started by ganjapolice, May 14, 2010.

  1. I just saw the GPA thread and was wondering where errrbody goes to school.....

    I spent two years at NKU, a community college in Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati before i transfered to University of Kentucky

    show me some love for john wall and d cous haha:p:p:p
  2. im going to UCF ( uni central fla ) for soccer

    and then probably transferring later but i dunno yet
  3. university of georgia

    n fuck john wall :devious:
  4. North Carolina State University
    Recently finished at East Carolina University but wanted to get another degree
  5. Michigan State University, and why should we show you love for John Wall? Your coach probably paid him and covered up his low SAT scores lol.
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    lol i saw them play tha doogs and just barely... i mean barely pull out a "W"

    my best buddies sister is headed to UoG to be a dog though

    chill redchrons... notice the smilie faces at the end there... im not about to deny that but i dont give a shit about basketball necessarily... it just happens to be our best known sport... and the games are fun
  7. ya i was at the home game, we kept up with them till the second half then shit fell apart, may not be the same game ur talkin about

    tell her she should go somewhere else, we don't need anymore girls at this school :p

  8. ahha shes good lookin though ;):ey: lol
  9. George Washington University. Did my undergrad at the University of Utah
  10. all I can say is damn o_O...most expensive university in the nation, my cousin went there/is going there for an MBA

  11. Is it really the most expensive? It's expensive as fuck, $45k a year, but it would surprise me if there ain't someplace more expensive. I mean it's a really good school, but it ain't Harvard or someplace like that.
  12. jussssst finished my time at the university of western ontario, graduation in june !

    staying in london and going to fanshawe college in the fall.
  13. UW oshkosh in wisconsin!

    im going for a business degree in supply chain management
  14. The Univ of Nunnayure Buisness
  15. Ryerson
    edit-next year i will
  16. Rutgers Camden.
  17. Word. I just finished my freshman year there. What year are you?
  18. Same actually, small world. Did you stay there or were you a commuter?
  19. southwestern college.. a comunity college in cali

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