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What College has the best smoking scene?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Fink, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. If you go to college, how's the smoking scene? Do they mind the smell, are there a lot of hookups, is it easy to get caught, etc.
  2. University of Oregon is hands down the best in the nation. $10 a gram for some DANK silver haze or white widow or afghan trainwreck. We have a national championship bongteam, we beat portland state in pot-pong, and we also have more student growers per capita based on a high times survey i just made up in my head.

    youre welcome.
  3. university of vermont FTW!!!! dont get booted if u get caught living in the dorms, tons of headshops around, smell of growing weed is not really a big deal (once you have ur own place) and always weed around. <10 days a year where u cant find weed
  4. Humboldt wins

  5. you cant buy weed for an entire 10 days every year?

  6. I'll always rep the Culinary Institute of America!

  7. I might have disagree with the hands down part cause colorado has some pretty dank shit and CU has one of the biggest 420 rallies in the nation. I must say though that is some good dank prices:smoking::D
  8. Feds takin pictures
  9. Co-sign!:hello:
    What's this about the bong team and pot-pong? I need to find out more about that!:D

    But yeah, UofO has gotta be top 5 smoking scenes nationwide. I was in the dorms last year. Everyone smokes, sells or grows, $35 1/8ths of the bombest weed you can find, a chill atmosphere around campus for smoking, tons of smoke spots everywhere, and authorities that don't really care too much.

  10. ...And I was just about to give him my dorm room number and show him the work of Dr. Greenthumb :p
  11. Yeah i gotta agree with him, i live on the west coast and everyone knows thats the place to go if you wanna find a chill school with GREAT prices.
  12. Humboldt state university just because of its location

  13. well UCF in florida has the largest NRML corp in the nation. not in college yet tho
  14. theres going to be a smoking scene no matter where you go.

    Pick your school based on education,price,girls,scholarships, or whatever. You'll find the smoke.
  15. Is that even a question?

  16. dude, dont make a choice on college based on weed
  17. CU in Boulder Colorado of course.
  18. not that you cant buy weed for 10 days. it just seems like throughout the year, thats how many total days come and go where finding some good weed is a chore. never more then 2 days in a row really. after a day or 2 people start making moves and you can get it easy.

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