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What class(es) did you get the best grades in?

Discussion in 'General' started by CrowClaw, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. In high school what classes did you do best in? What classes did you do the worst in.

    I was really good at
    Reading(one of the top ten readers in the whole school)

    I sucked at
    Gym(never went)
    English(i could read like a mofo but hated writing to many rules)
  2. History and english were my strong points, math was and still is my weak point.
  3. I always aced everything but math.
    Fuck you math. I hate you. Go die.
  4. I was great at everything except English, fuck you essays :p
  5. I got A's and B's on every test.
    Then got bad grades on report cards cause I would sleep in class/never do homework.
    Honestly they make kids go to school, what 7 hours a day? That should be plenty of time to teach them, especially considering how little I actually learned at school.

    My favorite subjects though are english, history, psychology, science
  6. Math can go to hell!
  7. It was the opposite at my school.

    I would sleep all class period and then ace the tests and pass the class without doing any homework or class work.

    :laughing: It's a joke either way.
  8. in high school i generally got shit grades in every class lol

    it was just so hard to give a shit

    then once i discovered the awesomeness of not going to school and drive to the mall or whatever i skip at every opportunity.
  9. Shop was always my best. And low and behold I am now a machinist! guess high school wasn't a total waste for me after all.

  10. Wish I went to school there.
    My school district was one of the worst in the nation.
    And everything the taught was old news to me.
    And my brain and body does not function at 7am when classes would start
    I would go to school without breakfast and not be able to concentrate at all.
    Then it's forever until lunch, where they serve you revolting food, I could only eat because I would be starving by that point. The food is completely unhealthy. Had fried chicken about three days a week, and a little styrofoam bowl of instant potatoes.
    Pizza day on wednesday, where you $3.00 lunch money buys you one slice of pizza. The pizza is cut uneven so sometimes you get a slice that is just tiny. Kid's were so desperate they would grab slices off the line and shove em in their pocket, no one should have to do that.
    And how is this teaching kids proper nutrition. You go to health class and learn this food pyramid BS, then you go to lunch and they serve you greasy fried chicken and pizza every day. not a fruit or vegetable in sight. high fructose laden chocolate milk to drink. it is fucked

    /end rant
  11. Yeah my high school was notorious for being one of the worst in CA..but god damn your description is going to give me nightmares tonight now. Never wanna have to relive that shit again.

    The public school system in this country makes me sick, and then people wonder why we have so many dumb fucks in America.

    The government spends 583428903485x more on military than they do on education for our youth..aka the future.
  12. OMG dont get me started on how many times i skipped. I actually got addicted to skipping if you could belive that. I would get off the bus deceided school sucked hopped a fence and got high in town all day with the local drop mom would never let me drop out so skipping all day ebery day was the next best thing.....ohh god do i regret it now
  13. Best at math and chemistry.

    I guess that's why I have a degree in both..

  14. I aced everything regarding english/reading/writing and computers.

    I was great at science in middle school, but I sucked hard at both science and math in high school.

    I think a lot of it was just not "applying" myself enough. Once I turned 16 and had a car, I skipped way more than I should have.

    Economics and Chemistry were probably my worst two classes, but they were also the ones that I skipped the most. :eek:
  15. i loved econ...i lumped it in with history

    My mom says to me "You passed economy now fix it"
  16. I did really well in Jazz Band and all my Biology classes but that's about it.
  17. I sucked at everything in school besides gym, wood shop, power mech and all those good classes.
  18. Psych, Bio, Finance

    Never cared for Calc, Accounting, and communication (even tho i got A's in the latter)
  19. Never really excelled at one thing. But history clases were the worst. Almost failed all of them, I cant memorize shit.

    Guess math was my strongest, barelly did any classwork and zero homework still got A's and B's

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