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What city state or country are my fellow stoners in?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by n00dles, Jul 27, 2013.

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  2. Washington, the first state to legalize. Yes, it passed in Colorado an hour earlier, but they are in the next time zone east and we implemented it first.
  3. Everyone of those mentioned have your fellow stoners in them. :metal:
    Me, currently Arizona. :smoke:
  4. Currently St. Louis, Missouri.. 
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  5. Cali;)
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  6. In the Dallas area of Texas  :smoking:
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    NT, Canada.
  8. Pyongyang
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  9. Ontario, Canada :)
  10. Quebec, Canada
  11. Salem Virginia

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  12. Northern lower michigan, anyone else?
  13. Medora. north dakota

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  14. What is the bud like in Dallas ?

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  15. Saginaw,Michigan
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  16. not too terrible, depends on where you get it. i've had some terrible shit but most of the time i get super dank stuff.
  17. Nice! Im moving there soon I needed the heads up.

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  18. best of luck to you! nice city, tons of places to go. if you like bars make sure to hit up Greenville Ave. 
  19. minneapolis, minnesota, united states, north america, earth, hm our solar system doesn't have a name, milky way :hippie:
  20. Fargo, North Dakota. Originally from about an hour South West of Minneapolis.

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