What cigars do you like best?

Discussion in 'General' started by iamfloyd, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. I was wondering, if any of you guys smoke cigars, what's your favorite? I'm talking like cheap ones, like gas station ones.
    I like Black and Milds, even if they are cheap as hell. I've never had a Philly, am I missing out on much?

    And what cigars do you use the most for rollin kickass blunts?
  2. I think most cigar smokers avoid buying them from gas stations, but what do I know.

    For rolling blunts, I usually use Phillies and White Owls, or Garcia Vegas and Dutchies if I want to use the outer leaf.
  3. well i know these are like gas stations ones but i love black & milds and also for weed Swishers- strawberry and whiteowls- peach and they are good if you put honey at the tips.

    Eww one time me and my friend got these strawberry daquiri (sp?) cigars they were SOO big we would get thru like half and be like EWW these are so gross you get so sick of them lol ya but neways....

  4. haha yea indeed, but i'm not 19, and i would think that minors would have a better chance of getting cigars from a gas station. i didn't want someone to give me the name of some kickass cigar you can only get in tobacco shops and such.
  5. last cigars i had i ordered off ebay
    "You pay for packaging and the value of box and cigar bands" thats ebay policy u cant sell tobbacco to smoke it lol
    so i just bought 3 VERY nice cigars for liek 20 dollars cuz "These cigars have an antique value and are not in production any more, and by ebay policy ARE NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION"
    gave one to friend, smoked 2, VERY very nice smoke, try a high quality cigar my friend, you will never go back, its like 1st class and coach in flying
    Seriolsly tho, its a much cleaner, better smoke, lasts longer and is just WOW!
  6. I just buy a swisha sweet when I want to roll a blunt--its only a $1.
    Usually I get strawberry or choclate.

  7. I used to like a nice Macanudo myself.

    Like Dreeker said, when you get a chance, try a premium.
    For another analogy, it's like the difference between
    Boones Farm and a fine Bordeaux.
  8. I usually buy a box of white owls, peach, strawberry, or grape..there the shit for a blunt :D
  9. i don't roll blunts, and i rarely smoke them. but there's a walgreens (drug store) on the corner of my street and lately i've been goin there to buy these things called 'backwoods'. for like 6 or 7 dollars you get this tin-like pouch containing 10 hand rolled cigars. they're sooo good. i just smoke em by themselves. they're supposed to be like the cigars the 'cavemen' rolled and shit. man i wish i had one of those right now. there's nothin like smokin a jay, then puffin on a nice fat stogie for an hour talkin to some buddies or readin a book or just thinkin about life and shit.
  10. just got a pack yesterday of strawberry swisher cigarlos :D

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